Tuesday, August 18

August 18

When I was a kid, my favorite summer time thing to do was swimming.
I especially loved being under water, where sounds was swallowed,
and gravity seemed to lose it's hold.
I'd take in a deep breath, submerge, and swim across the pool and back again,
sometimes convincing myself I could breathe under water.

Today I escape the heat wave from indoors,
and imagine returning to the water.

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  1. what could be better than swimming in a pool filled with lotus flowers??? beautiful, inspiring, healing, thank you!

  2. ahhhhh, this is so nice.... yes, beautiful, inspiring, and healing. i swear i can see your legs kicking slowly behind you. : ) i love to swim underwater too. i think i like disappearing temporarily - it seems to surprise people when you stay submerged for long!


  3. I remember the classrooms when I was at primary school were really hot with no air conditioning.

    And to cool myself down, I used to colour the margins of my workbooks with 'cool' colours. I don't know if it really worked, or if it was just a nice distraction. But that's how I always got through the really really hot weather as a little girl! ;)

  4. ... Being six and skinnydipping in a boreal lake, after the sun's gone down ...

    ... one of my best memories ever ... Thanks, Karin, for evoking this :-)


  5. I just came in from a swim and there is this head bobbing in the water. We had a pool installed last year and it uses salt instead of chlorine, it feels absolutely fantastic. And we are in a bit of a heat wave here so it really helps swollen feet!

    On another note, so sad to read that the medication didn't work. Hopefully,a really good one is on the way.

    Take care, Karin!

  6. did the turtles ever bump up against your toes?

    I used to imagine that's what that feeling was.

    These eyes...I keep looking at these eyes you're making.

  7. Ahh Water, goes so good with the heat. Your art makes me smile.

  8. me too! i think there was one summer where i spent every day in the pool. i would imagine i was a mermaid or some sea creature. I felt so peaceful under the water.

  9. Thank you Cat :)

    Yes, Lynne, it's that disappearing thing that appealed to me!

    So smart Svasti! I'm sure the cooling colors helped - your brain probably responded, 'chilling' out accordingly!

    wow Jaliya, that sounds magical!

    Hey Sonia, I am officially jealous :) the last time I was swimming regularly was when I lived in Tucson because the pools there were salt based - my skin does unpleasant things in chlorine, so I can't go in chlorinated pools anymore... (& thanks, I'll be starting the new one this weekend.)

    hey d, no turtles - I imagined going somewhere deeper than turtles visited...

    Hi Katelen, oh yah! smiles are good :))

    Hi Bridgette, every day without fail, until I was old enough to be a life guard, and then through college I got paid for what I'd do anyway!! yes, it was so, so peaceful there...

    I love that so many people were visiting the peace of the underwater world, too!! Thanks for sharing your memories. xox Karin

  10. You look so comfy, just swimming along.

    Love you.

    Renee xoxo

  11. Nothing like a wallow during a heat wave! I think I spent more time under water than above it when I was a kid. Happy memories!Hope your weekend is a lot cooler.

  12. i took a dip in my own mind with you... sweet serenity....

  13. Karin, if you can today go and see Jaliya, I think she needs us to walk with her.

    Love Renee xoxo

  14. I just finished reading my prayer book and I am so thankful.

    Then I read my two other books and they are so beautiful.

    love Renee xoxo

  15. Another view is you are never escaping but merely reconnecting with what is meaningful to soul. Each vibrant creation echos the life energy of a spiritual entity. The essence hides periodically as if to say unconditional self-acceptance is an ongoing process. Thanks for sharing the love art!


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