Sunday, July 19

psychedelic sunday

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I got started on these pages pretty late last night, so ended up having to continue working on them today - thus one set of pages for 2 days. My excuse for such a late beginning is that I had a steady flow of visitors all day, and I simply couldn't tear myself away from them.
It was truly a perfect day - well, my definition of one. Quiet, breezy, dry and sunny - not too hot, not too cool, and I had taken my book, sketch book, and morning coffee out on to the patio to just sit and enjoy. I filled the bird feeders, sat back and the entertainment began! Before I knew it, the sun was setting.
Here are a few of our fine feathered friends,

a few furry ones,

and of course, everyone wants a piece of Buddha!
Perhaps his seed filled lap has something to do with it :)
Not to mention the raw peanut pieces - yum!

I have to admit my favorite new visitor to the pack might not be welcome to most back yard landscapes, but his acrobatic leaps and lightening speed impress me so - I can't help myself, I've completely fallen for this Buddha's lap rat!
it had to be said, heh heh...
I hope you're enjoying a day filled with all shades of color!


  1. You had such beautiful visitors !!!! My fav is definitely the chipmunk in Buddha'a lap ! Reminds me of my dad - he trained a chipmunk to take a peanut out of his lips one summer at the cottage - Hoover (the chipmunk was named after the vacuum not the president) would climb up his body from his feet, into his lap, up his chest, and grab the peanut in his little "hands", stuff it into one cheek, and take off running to put it in his tree top hiding place. Then he would be back two minutes later to get some more!
    Nature is so good to us...glad you enjoyed your day so much !
    Blessings !

  2. Yum! Your idea of a perfect day sure jives with mine :-)

    LOVE the chippy :-)

    Dove! Cardinal! --> We have residents in our neck o' the woods too :-) The dove coos outside our bedroom window ... bliss :-)

    Delightful pics.

    The image -- WOW. Could you give some words to it? (I would like to illustrate a blog post with it ... just wondering what qualities you see in the piece you've created ... )

    Bless xoxo

  3. How wonderful to have an environment where all these little creatures feel so welcome. :)

    Did you know the rat is the vehicle of Ganesha, the elephant headed god according to Hindu lore?

    It goes something like - rats are seen as being capable of gnawing their way through most things. So the rat symbolizes Ganesh's ability to destroy every obstacle.

  4. What joy to have all those wonderful little creatures to watch. Love the journal page..

  5. oh that rat has my heart!!

    and beautiful pages emerged from a beautiful day! i love those circles in the center of the mandala/flower... i think they're seeds...



  6. Hi KIm, yes I did had beautiful visitors!! Our little chippies, as I fondly refer to them, are gorgeous little guys but I haven't befriended any of them the way your dad did - that's so cute!! Hoover must have been a special little guy! I had one run up my leg last summer, but it was purely by accident and seemed completely freaked out by finding itself on me!!

    Oh, I love the dove's coo too Jaliya. There's something so soothing about it. Usually - I did notice a dove guy in hot pursuit of a female yesterday - cooing his little heart out, and she seemed to find no peace from it :) Some words for these pages:
    life force

    Hi Svasti, I did actually have the image of Rat and Ganesh go through my brain when I saw this little guy show up in Buddha's lap! I didn't know the symbol of rat as you described him though - I like that very much - thank you!!

    Thank you Katelen, yes, it was totally a joyful day!

    Hey Lynne, yes!! they are meant to be seeds in the flower pod, still forming their potential :) xox k

  7. Wow! you live at a wonderful place. so nice it is to have such sweet visitors. have many such beautiful days. I have a pet white mice and adore it so much.


  8. your garden and art are full of life.

  9. I am so glad to see a happy day...

  10. Love the rat:)

    One of my favorite pets was a big white rat named Sci. A old lab rat I took care of in his final days.

    I of course can't comment how he got out of that lab.


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