Saturday, July 25

July 25th

Happy Birthday to me - and my journal!!

Thank you all, for the birthday greetings :)
What a journey it's been, these 365 days.
Starting as a simple book from a used book sale at the library,
to a rather ungainly year's worth of work!!
One that represents so much more than words I write here can hold.
Where I do I go from here? There are at least a couple dozen blank pages still to go in this book, which I'm pretty sure I'll fill, because to leave them undone would leave me feeling incomplete. I thought I would have it filled by the one year anniversary, and I really want to be done!
I'm itching to start something new, and after a year of blogging and journaling in the same book it feels like a good time to reevaluate how I would like to move forward, both with my journal and my blog.
Daily pages? Posting more variety? Tutorials?
Do I even need to have a concrete idea? I didn't when I first started here. Like so many, I thought I was just going to be sharing pictures with a few friends and family. I wasn't even much of a blog visitor - who knew I'd be opening myself and my artwork to a world community of amazing kindred spirits? I honestly didn't, but I am so grateful that I have.
So that's my journal's birthday - now about my birthday!!

Ever since I read about Barron Storey on Seth's blog, here on The Altered Page, I've been thinking about how a jaunt into the city to see the exhibition of his journals would be the perfect activity for my birthday! I am so happy to say I was able to do just that today. I must have spent nearly three hours pouring over the pages.
I could say so much about it all, but I am so throughly exhausted, I can hardly focus my brain well enough to write my name! All I can say is I was blown away, so inspired, and know that I will be thinking about the images and colors and lines and designs and lettering and all of it for a very very long time.

Only one other thing I thought you might get a kick out of. I won't look for any hidden messages in both of my parents rather morbid gifts. Instead I'll tell you, these gifts show that they know me well :)
My dad sent these beautifully crafted porcelain skullies by Cleveland, OH artist Mark Yasenchack,

and part of the package my mother sent included this fabulous box of bones - the remains of a possum found under the deck of her home in the panhandle of Florida.

click on any image for a closer view

Okay, I think I've covered all I have the energy to cover! It was a good, full day for which I am extremely grateful!!

I'll see you tomorrow for the drawing of the winner of my anniversary book give away - it won't be early though, I'm sleeping in! xox


  1. Your journal did some wonderful growth over the year.. I truly was inspired by just looking at the side of your journal..It was like watching a life's journey.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh! a beautiful day!!

    i can just imagine how inspiring barron storey's journals must have been... i'm inspired just *thinking* about you seeing them!

    smiling here at the thought of your day...

    : )


  3. Karin, I am so happy you were able to do this. It must have been the most wonderful 3 hours!

    Looking at your journal and knowing how much of yourself is painted, drawn and written into those pages, I am humbled and feel so priveleged that you have shared some of your journey with us. Thank you!

  4. Happy birthday to you and your journal! Whatever you end up doing next, I'll look forward to seeing it (or, at least, as much as you want to post).

    Interesting what you said about not even being a blog visitor. I wasn't either before starting my blog (about thirteen months ago), and, in fact, really never thought I'd wander into the sense of community I've found....

  5. ungainly is not a word I'd use for your art!

    happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday, Karin! Your generous spirit keeps shining through. Even on your birthday, when most think of receiving, you give of yourself and take us with you on your visit to Barron Storey's show.

    The presents you received from your parents tell of a child well itself a priceless gift!

    I look forward to journeying with you on the next path you choose... even continuing down the same one as the past year would be perfect because each day was something new & amazing.

    Hope your are feeling great today.

    Sonia xox

  7. Thanks Katelen, there is something very satisfying about that side view for me, too. The layers and peaks at colors, a few threads hanging out the side, the evidence of a (nearly) daily practice...

    Hi Lynne, it really was an amazing experience. Talking to other viewers was fun, too - everyone was feeling like kids in a candy store!

    Thank you Robyn, it's truly been a shared honor.

    Hey Dr J, thank you! Yeah, it is fascinating how it can evolve - the sharing, then visiting others and becoming a part of the virtual community that is anything but *virtual*! There is a true sense of community here...

    HI Kate, that's funny! Well, maybe not the art, but it's *container* - the book is one hefty hunk to try to maneuver!! I wish I had weighed it before I started - I can tell you that it now is over 4.5 pounds!!

    Thank you Sonia, it did make me laugh to see the theme of my parent's gifts arise!!

    Again, I want to thank everyone for helping to make this an amazing year of creating. You've all helped to inspire me to stick to the process on days I didn't really want to, and applauded my work when I least expected it. Knowing that what I do speaks to you is truly a gift to me.

  8. Oh Karin - what a perfect celebration and gift to yourself to go to the show ! Bravo ! And so cool that your parents "get" you so well and send you gifts that reflect that understanding and love !
    Happy happy birthday to you and to your journal ! May the next year bring you new arty adventures and a cloud of postive energy around you to float through them with peace and ease ! Much love !

  9. how cool to have a box of bones for your birthday!! And what a journey that book has been on - it's bursting at the seams, a suitable metaphor for one who's creativity does not accept the bounds of physical handicaps!!

  10. I many ways can I say how much I love seeing that journal of yours! Bursting at the seams!! Fantastic. And congrats again on ALL the birthdays. Looking forward to seeing where you go with your blog in the next year. And so glad you made it to see the exhibit. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it!

  11. The best birthday for the best woman ever.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. Karin, congratulations on your birthday and on the (almost)completion of your journal. Though I don't often have time to comment, I have been captivated and awed by your "journal journey". I'm sure that whatever you do next will be just as awesome.
    p.s. I really liked your sculptures when you showed them to us- any chance of doing more?

  13. Such a wonderful blog. I must get back here more often. I hope the day of your birthday was as fun as the day of my birthday. Both July 25th but years apart:)

    My thousand page Graphic Novel called American Space was inspired by this blog. Sylvia Daniels, my best friend is doing all the photo shop work on the project and I plan to do a post on my blog soon about the project.

    Thanks for sharing your work with other artist like myself.

  14. I think that fat, rolled out journal is what drew me to your blog in the first place! I loooooooooooooved it, teh idea of it being bursting with art .. wonderful.

    Happy belated birthday, glad you had a wonderful day and nice gifts.
    Hugs to you

  15. well happy birthday and I am totally jealous of your trip, and your gifts,....


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