Sunday, July 26

and the winner is...

drum roll please :)

Congratulations to Svasti!!

This little book will be making it's way to Australia -
farther than I've ever traveled!
How cool is that?!


  1. Congrats svasti ! Happy trails little book !

  2. well done svasti....we want to see what you do with that special book!

  3. Wow!!! How very exciting, I never usually get to win things. :D

    And that I've won such a very special little book, I'm very excited!

    Thanks Karin, I'll be in touch with my details. It is wonderful that your book gets to travel to Australia, don't forget to send a tiny piece of yourself with it.

  4. Congrats Svasti!! Rest assured the book IS filled with Karin's fabulous energy and knowing her you will be WOWED by the energy that arrives with special.
    So fine.

  5. Congrats to the winner. What a great book to win!!

  6. As a previous winner of a beautiful treasure made by Karin, I can tell you be ready to be impressed, Svasti!

    As for you, Karin, I hope you had a great day! Thanks again for taking the time to show us all how you created this beautiful giveaway. I found it so great to see you work on this project.

  7. That is very cool. Congratulations you lucky duck.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. congratulations to svasti!!! what a beautiful book!

  9. Congrat Svasti...You are so lucky to have won the beautiful book.
    I am so jealous..

  10. Ooooh, maybe it will get misdirected and come to my place.

    Bad Zom.

    I didn't mean it (well, maybe I did, tee hee.)

  11. Lucky Svasti!!
    So many "eyes" watching the book travel to her .. haha

  12. Thanks everyone - for participating and visiting and encouraging me on! Makes me wish I could send books out to everyone. I'm sure I'll create another opportunity in the future, because it's just too much fun :)

  13. Blessed Svasti! She will cherish the gift :-)

    Karin ... Happy belated birthday ... Isn't it amazing to see how your blog has blossomed ... You are a gift who keeps on giving!

    Much love and joy to you xoxoxo

  14. um, did I ever mention that my real name is Svasti? Patti is just a nickname...

    cungrats, really, to the winner - lucky, lucky ducky!


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