Thursday, July 23

July 23

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My dear friend Renee and her family, are being torched by the flames of the fires that life can challenge us with, but not often with the intensity they are currently being faced with all at once. Many of you are readers of Renee's amazingly honest, raw, and humor filled blog Circling My Head, and if you are you know of the years she has been facing and battling inflammatory breast cancer, while educating us about this rare form of the disease. In recent days, however, she has shared that her mother has landed in the hospital with a lung infection - possibly swine flu, and both her nephew Sheldon and his mother, Renee's beloved sister Jacquie are facing their own cancer battles. I encourage you, my readers, to go visit Renee and leave her words of support and encouragement. Something about this community of bloggers, the energy created that resonates 'round the world, whether we are known or unknown to each other, does help in these times of crisis.
Last night I escaped into tv land and watched the one performance competition show that I fully indulge in - So You Think You Can Dance. I'm not a fan of American Idol, or the dance show with once supposedly famous people, but this dance show moves me so deeply, week after week, in one way or another. The strength and beauty, the passion of the choreographers and the young dancers, just brings me to tears at least once a week!
This week was no different, when the following dance, about breast cancer, created by Tyce Diorio for a friend who is fighting cancer, was performed...
(I recommend watching in full screen)


  1. prayers for the beauty and light in this hard, hard world...

  2. So you think you can dance is my favourite TV program too. I hope we will get this one though it always starts late but we catch up.

    I will be thinking of Renee and her family.

  3. This is so beautiful and moving. Thanks for sharing - I will be visiting Renee now.

  4. i love these pages, karin...

    sending love to renee and her family...


  5. Your pages are always so wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing about ReNee.
    I will visit her.

  6. The beauty of courage spoken in dance.


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