Thursday, July 23

Buried Treasure

I decided to join in with Seth Apter's collaborative blogging project today, by sharing some pages from earlier posts on this blog. Seth shared a fun idea over on his blog, The Altered Page, recently that has engaged many in digging into the past. His thoughts were that he can only get around to visiting so many blogs in a given day, so he knows there are a treasure trove of posts that he's missed over the months, and years, so why not ask his fellow bloggers to dig deep and repost some of their favorite posts of the past - do the digging for him! This is actually round two, since round one was so successful!
With the anniversary of blogging my journal only 2 days away, I thought it was a timely opportunity for me to look back and share some of the early pages of my journal, so here goes, working back through a little of last summer!

AUGUST 18, 2008

AUGUST 17, 2008

AUGUST 13, 2008

AUGUST 3, 2008

JULY 30, 2008

July 29, 2008


  1. Oh, what a lovely buried treasures you've published! It's so inspirational, looking at all those "colaborators" blogs! Love your journal pages!

  2. Oooh, those beautiful, moving, Karin treasures...hit you in the gut every are so powerful in your art, Lovely One. Thank you for uncovering these gems once again !

  3. Your work gives me chills & inspiration, I'm so glad we "met" here in the virtual world

  4. WOW! I am completely undone! Your creative genius bowls me over entirely!

  5. These are lovely! Love the "spiritual" take; impressive and inspirational.

  6. Glad you re-posted. These pages are so awesome.

  7. Wow! These pages are soooo inspirational! I just want to keep looking at them!

  8. So happy to see these buried treasures. One day I think I'll take the time to check out your older posts myself because something tells me there is a lot more beautiful, powerful art like this to be discovered!

  9. Great pages and pages and pages and pages.. Loved them!

  10. Thank you Marit, I know - such a vast range amazing blogs and artwork!

    oh thank you, Kim :) xox

    Me, too, Deb!!

    wow Linda Sue, thank you for such a nice compliment!!

    thanks Marie, Robyn and Manon!

    Hi Sonia, it was fun for me to look back at the beginning - I forgotten some of the images so they were like new discoveries for me, too!!

    thanks evolving artist :)

  11. the pages that you chose to highlight are really an inspiration! I am sooo happy you chose these gems to unearth for us.

  12. Love the rawness of your art.

  13. Truly amazing pages. And seeing so many in one posting really makes me want to see the journal in person and look through page by page!


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