Monday, April 20

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I've had questions from newer visitors here about where my art is - is it in a book, or what, so I thought I'd give you all an update on the ever expanding journal.  All the journal spreads you have seen pictured on my blog are held within the bulk of this book.  There was a time when it closed and had a nice hard cover, but it has long since shed the confines of such containment.  Not long ago I went through the entire book to count just how many pages were still blank and available for journaling and counted 98, so I think I still have about 90 to go.  There are a few pages that barely cling to the binding anymore, and one set that has broken free and is simply tucked in there.  I imagine I will create a fabric cover that wraps around the book to hold it all together, rather than try to *bind* it in any traditional sense.

I'm sure my regular visitors have noticed that I haven't been posting daily, as had been my past practice, so wanted to let you know my hands just haven't been able to work as hard, so I'm needing to be a little less productive than in the past.

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This is the latest spread I did in my collaborative book with Lynne.  I'm just about set to send it off to her, and she has let me know that hers is already on it's way here!  Check out her recent pages here!


  1. HOT DANG! Karin, that is some journal. Ot almost looks like it's going to be a circle! Uh that would be the circle of life then...

    YOWZA indeed.

    I like that it is in one piece. My drawings are scattered everywhere. I have no clue where some are.

    WOW again and again and again.

  2. That has to be one of the most beautifully delicious journals I have ever seen! It must be amazing in person. Thanks for sharing this photo :-)

  3. I think the bound pages make a lovely work of art. It has great fullness, texture, color and is ever evolving. Thanks for sharing your bulging creation.

  4. Dramatic overwhelming creation, that! Each page worth a year of contemplation or more- How could anyone one person ever get through the entire circle? You amaze me over and over and I am just saying "I adore thee!" I hope your hands continue to co-operate...I have RA in my left hand that gives me grief sometimes so have to learn to do something artistic with my toes...I guess.

  5. Wow Karin, this is just amazing!!! It must be a happy book to be bursting with your lovely work! Hope your hands get better so you can keep on creatin' and sharin'

  6. I love visiting here.
    There is a 'refreshing' award for you over at my blog.

  7. Thank you for your reply :). I did not think you would be. You sound so carefree and loving. I am truly sorry if I offended you. I have never had the opportunity or courage to ask anyone for sake of feeling foolish. If one does not ask, ignorance can lead one to interpret inappropriately you know?

    I did not see your entry where you elaborated. I would really like to understand more.

    THank you so very much! :)

  8. You're right Ces - it is practically a circle. I weight it down every night so that it has some semblance of a book!

    You're welcome Just a PLane - it is pretty scrumptious :)

    Thanks Erik, and you're welcome, too.

    Hi Linda Sue, hmmm, toe art :) My toes are too short and stubby to create with! Sounds like you understand - it's a continuous balancing act, but we gotta create. Thank you.

    Thanks Fadwa :)
    Thank you Zooms!

    Hi Presious, I answered your question in the comments of the Easter post where you had posed the question. I wasn't offended, just curious how you might have thought it, with my also writing about the civil rights back ground I grew up with, but I don't mind explaining :) take care.

  9. Bursting Bindings Batman!! It doesn't get any better than this!


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