Friday, April 17

April 16

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  1. Ouch, Hot Stuff ! Lovely but oh so hot !

    I hope the weekend brings you some cool and calm moments to savor and heal.

    Much love,

  2. I feel like this during summers in Texas.

  3. Thank you. It takes a certain kind of courage/heart/awareness to be consumed and capable of portraying that consumption so clearly...the sage Milarepa comes to mind.

  4. Thank you Kim, hope you enjoy your weekend, too. Spring is in the air and It's so nice to finally have a couple windows open!

    Ha! gee, something to look forward to Heather?! I remember the summer temps often reaching the 120℉ range while living in Yuma AZ - so grateful to be out of that southwest heat :)

    You're welcome Donna, and thank you. I had to look up Milarepa and loved the bit that I've read so far, that his writings "emphasize the temporary nature of the physical body and the need for non-attachment." Amen to that. Much love, Karin

  5. such a scorched face- how in the world did you do that, and i loved the gold paint - this book is going to another fantastic version of your art

  6. DANG! I feel HOT! I think I'll take off my clothes...

    Seriously karin, the gold embelishments are perfect. The texture and the spatial concept is just perfect.

  7. Hi Peggy, thank you. It does seem like the book has shifted directions a few times, doesn't it?! I've felt a little lost at times with it recently - kind of floundering, then a couple days flow!
    The face is painted with gesso on a kind of rice paper that I did an uneven red wash of acrylic paint on, and then splattered with some of the same color undiluted. It's actually a left over piece of paper from the Once Upon a Time book you might remember, that I did about child abuse and posted on Nov 8th. I had tried to replicate blood stained gauze there, and had this blank page left, so I used it here for that heated effect.

    Hey Ces, thank you so much :)

  8. I feel it Karin. Your painting is speaking to me.

    Yes it is miseryland in a way and limbo in another and fucking irritated in another.

    Love you. Renee xoxoxo


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