Saturday, April 11

April 10-11

     Rant overwith, I spent the rest of yesterday doing the back ground writing you see on these pages.  The rhythmic, repetitive movement of my hand writing a non verbal language is soothing to me, and I feel a satisfaction in seeing the columns of markings line up.  Structure, order - something I have some control over!  Yet, there is a willing lack of control in it as well, because I don't plan the markings.  I just keep my hand moving, not thinking, flowing, skipping, jumping, hiccuping, giggling, trusting the marks as they skitter down the page.

     Today was grey and rainy (probably my favorite kind of day) and I set in with color.  A Mandala - centering, balance, beauty, symmetry; to a point.  I can only handle that for so long, before I have to start to flail my arms and send out tendrils willy nilly.

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The back ground writing is done with #2 pencil on a gessoed back ground, then covered with a coat of Liquitex acrylic varnish, over which I then painted the mandala with acrylic paints.


  1. Karin that writing is unreal. Amazing. How much did your hands have to pay for that. But your art must come out.

    And when it does it is always magnificent. Beyond words. Do you know whenever I write Beyond words, I forget it is the name of your blog and then I remember instantly.

    Amazing Karin, as always.

    By the way I had a good laugh at the 10 out of 10. You are so funny and so sweet.

    Have a blessed day dear heart.

    Love Renee xxoxx

  2. Aah yes ! ... I love everything about this beautiful mandala. The intriguing background markings...the juicy colours, both the symmetry and the flailing tendrils...everything! You've made my day!

  3. Karen, this is a beautiful mandala which definitely speaks of healing and being at peace with yourself. I think you have every right to be angry, and it's good to let it out from time to time. It's part of being human, and very likely a survival mechanism.
    Thanks for taking the time time to comment on my struggle with my last piece, which is now finished. and yes, that is asemic writing, which had I done some years ago- the background of this piece is partly an older piece that I recycled.
    Sending you positive healing energy and good wishes,

  4. Karin- Sorry about the sloppiness of my earlier comment; I guess it's the teacher in me that bothers about these things. I just wanted to let you know about a couple of books you might be interested in; I picked these up when I was planning to get my Master's in art therapy.

    Art as Medicine: Creating a Therapy of the Imagination, by Shaun McNiff

    Creating Mandalas for Insight, Healing, and Self-Expression, by Susanne F. Fincher

    Art is a Way of Knowing, by Pat B. Allen

    I'm sure you're already putting these ideas into practice, but I thought you might enjoy reading about it.

  5. Happy Easter :)
    Well Renee, if they let me give you 11 out of 10, I would have, come on, how could anyone have given you less?!?! Sheesh. Yes, my art must come out, so that's why I let it take 2 days instead of one, and didn't over do it, really. xoxo K

    Thank you Robyn, your words make mine!

    Hi Sharmon, thank you for your good wishes. yup, letting it out - it's all that human Being thing!
    Thank you for sharing the titles - I hope others will check them out. I am a big fan of Shaun McNiff especially (my other favorites of his are Art Heals and Trust the Process) and have read the others as well when I did a year of training towards Expressive Arts Therapy certification. I decided it wasn't a career for me, but loved exploring all the modalities of creativity and how they can guide us towards healing, body and soul.

  6. What a background and what a foreground! The image is so alive with color!

  7. I absolutely love your use of color and lines. Great work!

  8. i love this its so up lifting.

    thank you so much for stoping by, its very much appreciated.

    happy easter. =)


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