Friday, March 20

March 20

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This first day of spring morning, when I pulled back the curtains, I was greeted by a fresh coat of snow. The branches were all coated in fluffy white and the blanketed grass contrasted sharply against the darkened wet street. Not very spring like at all, but quite beautiful. By noon it had disappeared, though it still wasn't feeling much like spring!

The day progressed roughly for me. After pouring myself a full mug of steaming hot coffee, I sat down to enjoy it, but my hands have been hurting a lot lately and the cup simply felt too heavy and my hand gave out, releasing the scalding liquid all over my lap, over flowing onto the wool rug at my feet, and soaking the off white chair I was sitting in. Spring forward?! After a good cry and slowly making it through the clean up, I did enjoy a two handed cup, as my lap radiated up at me.

A bit later, I decided to water my plants. I have a lot of plants - well over 100 scattered through out the house. Most are of the cacti variety, so at least I don't have to water as often! I thought I was being conservative, but again and again, as I turned away from a series of pots, I'd begin to hear that drip drip drip of an over flowing drip tray. Table and floor puddle formed here and there.

I started to see a pattern in this day - the over flow, things not being able to be contained. From the unexpected snow, to a cup running over, flowing tears and watering plant puddles... My body wanted to curl into a ball, not reach and stretch and wipe and launder - remember, this all started with the bone on bone grinding that sent my mug tumbling... but come on. I'm sitting here in my beyond comfortable home, electricity humming to bring my images to you, heat warming the room where I sit, belly full from a tasty dinner...

My cup runneth over. I can not be contained.


  1. When I saw the steaming cup, my first instinct was to wrap my hands around it and enjoy the hot brew. Then I read your post and I looked at the cup in a different way, more like a culprit in what appeared to be a bad day. Then, as you described sitting there in the arms of comfort, I saw the cup overflowing with good things. The way that you ended such a trying day with gratitude for all of your blessings seems to be typical of your personality which shines through in your work.

    Have a great weekend, Karin.

  2. Karin you cannot be contained. I love your painting.

    While reading and you said your hands gave out and the coffee spilt on your lap, I literally gasped 'oommpphh'.

    Karin, stop doing so much, says your bossy friend Lynne (sorry Lynne, I mean me). By the way I saw the book you and Lynne are going to do. My God it is going to be beyond words.

    This post proves what I already know and that is that you are one of the most grateful people ever.

    Love you lots.

    Renee xoxo

  3. Though parts of this post made me want to rush over and mop up the coffee and give you a hug, other parts made me sit back in wonder at how philosophical and oh so accepting you are. There are so many lessons to be learned (for me) reading your posts.
    Cyber hugs coming your way >>>>>>

  4. Okay, confession...

    While I do so enjoy just looking at the amazing images you share each day, and often, getting lost in them...I reeeeeally love it when you share the story behind the image with us, like today. So rich. A big, "Ahhhhhhh."

    Thank you, Karin.

  5. Hi Sonia, the same thing happened for me! soothing cup, evil cup, beautiful cup... I just keep learning, it's all there, life that is, in everything, even a cup! thank you - I hope you have a great weekend, too :)

    But Renee, I cannot be contained!!! I love you, too.

    Thank you Robyn - believe me, I would have gratefully accepted your mopping help!! and return the {{{hug}}}s!

    Hi EM, thank you for that feed back. Lately words have felt more accessible, for some reason. I'll consider including more writing - it does feel more risky and exposing for me. Not a bad thing :)

  6. I so love roaming through your journal images as there is always such depth to them, and I am so pleased when you tell the story behind them too. Keep them coming.

  7. that damned renee SO psychic... ; )

    i know, i know -- you cannot be contained dear one...


  8. Oh, Karin! I'm reminded of the time when I was sitting on a couch with friends, about to serve tea. I dorkingly set a mug between my thighs and poured from the teapot...and its lid came off!! I'll just say that my tender parts were scalded and I spent several days lying on my tummy with a soaked-through adult diaper on my bum. My family physician, upon hearing the news, laughed his head off (after giving rapid-fire advice for the skin) ... He's heard it *all* from my family over the years ...

    Yes, indeed, sometimes our cups runneth over, eh?!

    Karin ... may I use this image on my I Ching blog?

    xoxoxo Jaliya


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