Tuesday, March 17

March 17

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I don't remember dreams often, probably because I'm not a very good sleeper, but when I do, they tend to be the kind that last all night. They even have intermission, where I get up, go back to bed and when sleep returns, I pick up where I left off. These simple pages are about a complex kind of night.  I'm not going to explain the dream in full detail, but here is some of the writing you see in the back ground:

I dreamt a spark ignited and sprang between the walls
not my home, but family's of mine, not mine of birth
misplaced in a neighborhood of birth
of another family connected, disconnected
woven into the cloth of my genetics
my marriage family, my life here, my lives past
the fire burns hidden revealing wisps
a sign the inferno is building
alerting all "our house is on fire"
unheard, my screams repeat,
on fire, on fire, on fire, on fire, on fire, 
until alone 
a fire cannot be tamed, the others shrug surrender.
I walk and see another home ignites
my insular cousins, tight knit ready to ignore outsiders
deaf and blind to me I decide the discovery is theirs to make
and walk away
flames within walls destroyed from the inside out
leaving the shell for last
smoke rises, no one sees...


  1. Amazing dream and painting! Thank you for sharing it. Divine fire.

  2. Karin, I can't stop looking and I can't stop crying.

    Powerful like everything you do.

    Love Renee

  3. i'm pondering this dream, my friend...

    i love the way you drew the houses. i love that you painted the house red instead of having flames coming out of it. i love the darker red in the windows.


  4. This is so powerful. I feel like I have had dreams similar to this before...about fire, loss, family identity, and the fear. This piece provides a record of that dream that sits it more in conscious time. I always wonder why we really remember some dreams and bring them with us so clearly into our wakefulness...

    Hugs to you beautiful Karin !

  5. Karin, you've managed to make dream recall poetic. I often write down my dreams, especially when the recall is vivid, and it never makes a lot of sense. The manner in which you lay out the details helps define the dream so beautifully even though the message appears to be a little menacing.I love the images, simple and perfect!

  6. these pages are amazing - love the imagery and the poetry truly burns - thanks for including a typed version because even though it looks great in the background I'm really glad to be able to read it!

  7. Wow this is really powerful stuff. Strong imagery in those words and pictures.

  8. thank you sybil, indeed - divine fire!!

    oh renee, you brought my dream so much more - thank you for your wise interpretation!!

    thanks lynne, yeah the fire needed containing...

    Hi Kim, some dream imagery is universal, isn't it?! I try to always record vivid dreams in some way, though they tend to stay with me for decades!

    thank you Sonia, it did come through very poem like as I transcribed in an automatic fashion.

    You're welcome Patti! I didn't want to create extra eye strain ;^)

    thank you Taluula!!


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