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March 14 & 15

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You may be wondering what this spread is all about. 
Aside from being an obvious example of my tendencies towards obsessive compulsivity, it is a collage comprised solely of postage stamps.

I learned the art of collage with postage stamps during a week long workshop with Nick Bantock that I took a few years ago. Below are the first two pieces I did using this technique with him.

Nick gave us the assignment of working within a 2" x 2" square, no cutting was allowed, and the theme was "Stranger in a Strange Land. If I remember correctly, he gave us half an hour to complete one image. I was so inspired, I went crazy and did both of these.

A good source for hundreds of stamps, really cheap, is Kenmore stamps.  Keep in mind that when you buy your first batch (if you buy the 300 stamps for $2 deal) you are essentially joining a club - like a book club, and you will receive more stamps for approval to buy.  If you do not want future shipments, after your first batch, just let them know and the membership will be ended - no obligations.  There are fun themes you can get - collections of insects, flowers, birds, women in art, etc.

My original order came in a mish mash of colors and themes, and I have found that it's helpful to do some sorting.  
These have been separated by color group.  Once you have pools of colors, you can sort of 'paint' with the stamps, to create a back ground scene, and then add in specific images to tell your story.  I don't think I'll ever work as large as I did for these journal pages again.  My eyes are seeing little blurry color splotches every where!   Right about now I'm feeling like if I never see a stamp again...


  1. this is so eye pleasingly fabulous, karin... the way you've laid the colors out is PERFECT (in my not so humble opinion : ). it makes me wanna get a whole bunch more stamps. xo

  2. What can I possibly say about this post?? Nick Bantock is one of my absolute favorites in the genre and you even had the opportunity to attend a workshop of his!(All I have are most of his books.) Add to this the fact that the images you've created with stamps are not only beautiful but seem perfectly done...And I think I'm becoming very envious.

    Now exposed to art from all over the world, I'm starting to wonder what I am doing in the visual art world. Robyn ( Art Propelled )had great posts this weekend featuring artist overflowing with such creativity that I question my own talents. ( I know, one should never compare to others, but sometimes it's so hard not to.)

    I'm hoping that in the end I'll just take the inspirations around me and start creating again, but right now I'm just in awe of fabulous artist like you who are so current and productive!

    Not a day goes by without looking in on what you're creating, Karin. Thanks for those great moments!

  3. Oh my goodness ! These pages are amazing ! The detail blows me away. I don't have this kind of patience (compulsion ?;-)) or fine attention to detail but I think is is incredible what you have created here. Love the stamps as paint brushes !

    Happy Monday !

  4. I have done this exercise too but my version didn't look anywhere near as amazing as yours. Fantastic job!

  5. Now that is something I would never have thought of! I often look at the stamps on letters I get from friends and family around the world and think vaguely about how I could display them.....

    Your collages are spectacular, each a wondrous work of art OF the art...if you see what I mean! Thank you so much for sharing that, Karin.

  6. I LOVE this spread, Karin. The first thing I thought of when I saw it were the Griffin & Sabine books, and then I scrolled down and read you had taken a class with Nick.

  7. Oh my God Karin this is incredible. Is that Nick from the books Sabine & whatever.

    Karin this is spectacular. You never cease to amaze me.

    I want to hear your dream.


    Love Renee

  8. Love the collages, Karin. And thank you for sharing the resource Kenmore Stamps. Awesome.

  9. these are unreal!!! who would have thought stamps could be so... telling!
    I can't believe you have that many stamps and that they're sorted!
    great work - as usual...

  10. stunning !!!

    Its incredible how this different stamps fit together and create such a beautiful image.

    Karin, Its amazing what you do.

  11. These pages are amazing...I love the use of the different stamps to create these collages (and thanks for the link to the stamp).

    Wonderful spread!

    (p.s. just popped over for a visit from Lynnes blog.)

  12. Phenomenal! Karin, your journal pages and the collages from the Bantock class are A M A Z I N G !

  13. This work is amazing and so impressive. Your talent and creativity know no bounds. Kudos.

  14. This is awesome! and beautiful!


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