Friday, March 27

For Renee

Sometimes I just want to create something beautiful to look at,
and with the way I've been feeling,
that seemed like a good focus for today.

     When I found out there was a birthday to celebrate,
of a person with a most beautiful spirit and heart, the imagery flowed forward - 
so while I'm creating on the 27th, it is to celebrate a magnificent occurrence on March 28th!  

This artwork is for you Renee, so you don't even have to steal it - heh!  
Friend of my heart, one who inspires, woman of courage, limitless one, I hand to you the moon and the stars, the eternal ocean, and of course my heart, 
along with oh so many others...
I love you,


  1. Karin, what can I say to you. How can I thank you.

    This means so much to me. I love it and I love what you wrote to go along with it.

    Thank you my friend for being such a blessing to me.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  2. What a beautiful tribute! I love the vibrant colors and the sentiment. Isn't Renee a sweetheart?

  3. oh karin, this is beautiful!!!! i am so sure renee is honored!!
    thank u so much for stopping by. i love your work and your blog. gorgeous gorgeous stuff. i will follow u for sure. xox linda

  4. I couldn't agree more Karin. And I guess there's nothing left, you've offered everything already to our dear friend. I am so delighted to know other people who Renee has touched in a very special way.:) Cheers!

  5. Good morning love:

    Hope you enjoyed my birthday as much as I did. Just so you know I raised a glass for you last night.


    Love Renee

  6. Wow your piece for Renee is amazing you really captured her spirit...Thank you.

  7. So glad you like you birthday present Renee :) and I did indeed enjoy your birthday! I hope you had a fantabulous day and felt the waves of birthday love that were pulsing across the world! I enjoyed visiting all the many parties happening, enjoyed the tributes and *meeting* your creative friends and sisters like Shelly, Ces, Linda, and Björnik. Got a little concerned about Björnik revealing a little too much as the cake was served, but it all worked out :)
    Greetings to you all - so glad to know you!

  8. Karin:

    Your art is beautiful and it captures the essence of my beloved sister Renee. I was not able to sit with the girls and celebrate last night, but I hope that they raised one for me too. Love you for doing this for Renee and boy, I might lower myself and have to steel the art (not at all like Renee, just her Irish Twin, and love her to bits, again thanks for the tribute)


  9. oops, STEAL, yes I did think steel my

    Boo Boo Bear as my Dad called me, not


  10. Your paintings are interesting. I know that I will think about them even after I've stopped looking at them.

  11. Karin

    Thank you for taking the time to bring so much joy to one woman - my mom and her whole family.


  12. Hi Colette, so good to meet you :) I'm so glad you feel this captured your sister's essence - steal away!!

    Hi Patti, well, You have to go visit Renee - you'll understand the reasons she's inspired global birthday greetings!

    Thank you Ian, that's something an artist really hopes to do...

    Hi Nadia, oh, you are so welcome! Your mom is such a generous and amazing woman, it was a joy to be able to have her for inspiration and forever a part of my journal's pages. I was honored to answer the calling - your family is inspiring.
    ❤ Karin


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