Wednesday, January 7

January 7


  1. yes! a resounding yes! definitely time, and here we are!! xo

  2. I can feel this happening outside of me, things beginning to change, many people in the world opening up to the "impossible". I also feel it happening inside myself. The thing about change, with it comes growing pains...I think we have to learn to love ourselves, and our changing world through them...

    Beautiful food for thought as always, Karin...

  3. This is beautiful and so true. Reminds me of Global Mind Shift:


  4. Hi Karen, I've been coming by here for some time now...and enjoying your journal pages immensely. I just had to stop a little longer today and say hello and tell you how much I am inspired by your art. It truly does speak to me "beyond words"!

  5. Yeah lynne! here we are indeed :)

    How true Kim, there always are the growing pains :/ I agree with you about self love as well - often the hardest to embrace, but how else can the rest truly follow?
    Thank you for the mindshift link Carmen! I hadn't thought of that, though I've been an IONS member for years!

    Hi Robyn, I always enjoy a good provoking of thought :) Your posts often do the same for me.

    Kate, I'm so glad to meet you, and deeply appreciate your words -and the added benefit of now being aware of your blog and beautiful imagery. Thanks for saying hello!!

  6. Love the theme of reinvention and the image and colors on the page are so beautiful.


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