Wednesday, January 7

i c gratitude

I am feeling a deep sense of gratitude this day and wanted to say it out loud!
Since only my cat and dog can actually hear me at the moment,
I thought writing it here would be way more effective.

This morning I was greeted by three personal emails from women
I've met here, by sharing my personal journal.
You never know how you will touch another,
nor how they will move you - but I wanted to thank
Lynne, Maria, and Tamsie, for making my cold rainy morning warmer.

As I sit within the walls of a home, surrounded by the comforts
of electricity, heat, food, ease of communication, and all modern amenities
I make myself be aware of the suffering of poverty, hunger,
and fear of war that others are living with daily.
I do myself a disservice to ignore and take for granted all that I have.

So I am grateful,
for my relative safety where I live, my home, my husband
and family, my friends and pets, my ability to create, to share,
and for my body and all it goes through,
for life's suffering and the celebrations alike.

I am grateful also, for all of you who visit me here,
whether you let me know or not, your presence is felt
and deeply appreciated.


  1. such a beautiful sharing and such truth...and clearly what you give you receive...I am so grateful for the manner in which you share your sweet and compassionate self with the world through this medium.

  2. the colors of your painting so it so "out loud" that you are grateful. I think I've seen a lot of gratitude in your work and in your messages and can I just say - I am very grateful for you and your art and how it opens my eyes!

  3. Definitely, its a good thing to feel gratitude. As often as we can.

    Not just for things, but for people in our lives, for our freedom, ability to express ourselves and for opportunity... which many others do not have (as you've said above).

    Peace :)

  4. thank you for the reminder to be grateful... we forget in our busy lives to say thanks for everything that we have - (both physical and non-physical things) and many times wish to have more (even if it is for a positive thing, first we need to be grateful for already having a trace of it...) i wish i could have watched the india special! we don't even have PBS, but i watched the bit you posted. i've been watching india travel logs all day with a dvd that came in the mail (on my snow/ice day at home!) it was perfect timing... am geared up to make some art and your page got me extra inspired:)
    peace and love,

  5. love the artwork.:) and yes we are very lucky. my place is small, but warm.:)

  6. smiling here with gratitude, karin. : )


  7. Karin, I have this silly-smiling face since I read that blog entry.

    It amazes me, how much we can receive from people we meet in this virtual world. We click on a link and we cling to wonderful people. And that is a very good reason to feel gratitude.

  8. Click, click and like magic we are making connections all over the world. Karin, I'm grateful that you are just a click away.


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