Monday, January 19

January 19


  1. A lot to celebrate, a lot more work to get to ! With all of our energy behind him, let's see what miracles we can get done !

  2. I love it. Did you hear his speech this morning. Amazing.



  3. Obama certainly does inspire hope. His words are clear, and he demonstrates a deep understanding of many current national and international situations. I wrote a post about lessons Obama inspires in us all to excel:

  4. Karin ... Just popping in, thinking of you, musing on your beautiful colour-swirls and words ... I'm in hospital -- all's fundamentally well -- I've been waiting an age to get some very focused help for PTSD and major depression -- been here six days. Finding your creations, as always, balm for the soul. Hoping that all's well with you!

    Beautiful collage in honour of Barack Obama! (WHAT relief that he is in charge now ...)


  5. Karin ... the above comment was written by me, Jaliya ... For some weird reason, "The Beeeeaaacctch" ID came up ... Just wanted to let you know ... How strange ...

  6. Yes, Kim, My prayer is that the enthusiasm carries and Obama's message that change is OUR responsibility inspires people into continued action.

    Hi Renee, I did hear the speech, and I thought it was really good - even more so now, having re listened to it and read portions!

    Thanks for sharing your post Liara :)

    Dear B, thank you for thinking of me, and coming here as you take this time for your Self. It is a courageous path you are on, and the most honorable one, to heal your soul and take this time solely for this purpose. I send you thoughts of peace and wellness, Karin


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