Sunday, January 18

January 18


  1. When I look at this piece, I get a sense of hope and joy! Plus movement, change and so on. What a lovely symbol for the start of a new year and the start of a new cycle :)

  2. smiling, smiling here... : ) the figure in the lower right... mmmmmm... xo

  3. Love it !!!
    Especially the green-blue figure.
    Wonderful colors and the feeling I get is "celebrate !!!"

  4. Gorgeous page, Karin. I love the colours and the mix of joy and sadness it seems to evocate

  5. Karin, You Inspire!

    Beautiful work...if there is one journal that contains all the beauty you are creating, what a treasure!

  6. We've got to boogie on, right, Girl ?
    What gorgeous movement !

    This fits the day so well for me (as your pieces often do, my beautiful friend !). I went back to the gym this morning. I have been hibernating because of the cold and my bones were feeling very like that dried out skeleton ! If I can't stand the cold, the treadmill will do - that and a good beat...I am sure to feel like the old me, myself and I before long, right ?

    Have to remember my mom's words though - "Go slow to go fast." A nice steady beat...
    Dance on, Karin...

  7. Balance = the key after all.

    Peace and hope you are feeling well.


  8. Thank you all!!!
    I like that idea Svasti - of this being a symbol for the start of a new cycle. Thanks for that :)

    heh... for some reason, I can picture you honin' right in to that little guy in the corner lynne!

    thanks Maria, I had fun making her move and groove!

    You hit it right on Melian, both are there, and both have beauty.

    Curio, many thanks - it's what we do for each other here in blogland, isn't it? when we create and express honestly, with words, images, recipes - I'm continually inspired by so many here, including you!

    Amen Kim, bravo for weathering the cold and getting yourself out there. I finally got the green light for once a week physical therapy, to begin later this week. So together we'll start - one step at a time! While we physically go slow, we can be boogying wildly in our mind's eyes, loosening up those creaky wintered bones!!

    Yes Renee, balance.... With it in mind, my mini mantra for the new year has been 'to align in 2009' - finding effortless balance, or alignment in my body, mind, and spirit, by simply Be ing. ahhh!

  9. It is like a vision of one's etheral, astral body or, one's eternal soul that outlives the physical body. The immortal energy jumps out of the page to inspire people to think differently about how they live. Are you mindful of the circumstances born by your ancestors?


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