Monday, December 22

December 22


  1. I love the cardinal in the winter woods ! Did you carve this ? It looks like a litho print ! Beautiful !

    Taking a breather in the winter wood...ah, I needed that !

  2. Each of your posts inspires me to explore conscious awareness on new levels. I wonder if you have ever read any of Nick Bantock's books from the Griffen & Sabine series? I believe you would appreciate how he has compiled graphic art design in the correspondence between his protagonists and other characters.The creative letters are included within the books.

  3. Hi KIm, yes, I carved these out of that really great easy to carve "artist block" rubber material that is a lot like a white eraser. You find it in the art supply store by the linoleum print supplies. it's great stuff!
    Thanks Liara, Not only am I very familiar and a big fan of Nick's work, I was lucky enough to do a week long workshop with him a few years ago! He's an inspiring teacher and artist - I highly recommend his workshops!!

  4. wonderful woodsy night scene... found Nick's workshop location, his own incredible studio...looks like some fabulous digs to visit, no?

  5. maaaaarvelous
    love the way this evokes so much feeling..loss...fear....despair

  6. Yes D,
    After you told me about Nick's new digs, I went to his website to see! Thanks for letting me know. I'm going to miss having him come here to NY though :)
    Thanks Caf, yes there is definitely a mix for me in this one...

  7. Merry Christmas Karin to you and all you love!

    The cardinal is wonderful-our state bird here in Virginia!

    Blessings of love, joy, peace and healing all being sent your way!
    Joy to the World, the Lord has come!


  8. Karin, this is very nice. I can't believe you carved all this. Impressive. I like it very much.

  9. I love the little splash of red in the darkness. Beautiful pages!

  10. Karin, I had no idea Nick did workshops. His juxtaposition work is very clever. I am pleased to learn you have already connecetd with such a kindred, creative spirit. We can always learn from each other, provided we remain open to opportunities.


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