Friday, December 19

December 19

Today we had a big wintery beautiful snow storm. I had to go out for an MRI, so while still bundled up I roamed around the yard and took a few pictures. Little did I know that when you take photos and the snow is falling, if the flash flashes, magic happens...


  1. I have been away and missed your beautiful pages.
    Thank you for the snow, it was over 100 F here the other day.

  2. You and your flash captured the beauty perfectly !!! Still made me want to be inside bundled up, watching from a window instead though ! Here we go, Winter, let us share our good, bad and beautiful and make it through the darkest night.
    (can you tell Winter is NOT my favorite season ? ;-))

    Have a cozy winter weekend !

  3. I live in a place where it doesn't snow on the ground in winter. It does in other parts of the country, but not where I live.

    I've always loved snow and skiing... I've just never lived in it.

    Your home looks so lovely in these pics, and I love the way that snow - the perfect one of a kind natural works of art light up the surrounds in your photos. So glorious.

    Very much love the buddha too... :)

  4. Stunning photos! I love the buddha sitting serenely in the snow and the journal pages are lovely. Simple yet effective.

  5. Nice wintery cheery blue page you made with the swirling snow. I didn't know the flash would do that with falling snow-very magical indeed! Love all the pictures and envy your snow-we have only had rain here in Virgina.


  6. These pages are light-hearted and uplifting. The buddha seems to be hibernating and some of the snowflakes remind me of light orbs that hover around human beings. We are often unaware of the significance of a given experience in our lives. Your art encourages people to remain open to the unexpected.

  7. love your journal spread and each snowflake you drew on there!

  8. Sistren Karin,
    Peaceful greetings from Jamaica. Your snowflash pictures are magical indeed! I am praying for your healing as we both trod the recovery path. The journal pages are breathtaking.
    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  9. Beautiful shots of that storm. We had the same thing in Michigan yesterday.

  10. Did you know the flash orbs are looked upon as spirits... One of my fabulous sisters is a professional ghost buster. She and her team will come into a home or building and set up sound and video equipment to capture the disembodied moving about. They are so excited when the night/motion detector cameras flash in a dark room and the orbs come up. Fun to think that your yard is dancing with spirits in the sniw, or AS the snow... ;-}

  11. those photographs are definetly magical - being from southeastern New Mexico - we haven't seen snow yet this year- so your glimpse was transporting. I also loved how you did an ice-y texture in your journal with delicate snowflakes

  12. i'm smiling here, karin... the snow on your pages and in the air. magical all...

    i'm savoring the pages from the past week and the pics of your book being repaired -- it ALL nourishes me!

    happy solstice to you sweet woman!

  13. hi karin,
    hope your MRI went well! i loved all of the falling snow... especially since it made my 17 days off - 18! so my winter break started off with an extra gift for me - which is all i needed... time to regroup and relax... and unpack the rest of the upstairs. i LOVE your drawn snowflakes. will cut some big ones out and decorated the windows:)


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