Wednesday, December 17

December 17


  1. Rise up...

    Today I feel like we could all use a little more magic springing. I think we have to get through the wintering first though. There is a magic in that still season too, though, isn't there ?

    Winter peace to you today down in NY way...

  2. Aw, Karin, when I got to this post in my google reader I instantly felt a little calmer...thank you

  3. It's funny - I started this image with the cool blue, the white of the moon, while experiencing the north east of the US where there is that wintery chill going on (right Kim?!) - but the words and image of growth are with me, and I got to thinking that maybe my new friends around the globe, that are experiencing the cycles of growth and the warmer seasons just might be having an influence on me, as I read their posts and imagine myself sitting with them, in their distant lands. Your visit has confirmed my instincts Caf.
    Glad I could add to the calming of your day - sending peace and healing your way, round the globe...

  4. It s almost as if every human being is hovering somewhere in the abyss of the serene place you begin to show. It has no concrete or verifiable description except for the feeling you intuit within yourself.


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