Friday, December 12

December 12

Today will be my first day out into the world since my surgery.  I have a post op appointment in the city (that's NY city) and really really hope to also go to my library's used book sale -maybe my next journal will be found!  I'm pretty sure I won't have time for creating though, so, with that in mind, I created this for you.

On Wednesday, for the first time, a couple pages broke free from the binding and fell out of my journal.  (They have since been successfully re-attached!)  While there are still a lot of blank pages to work on, I'm not so sure the poor book will hold up to the process!  So I decided to show you what I have thus far.  Rather than presenting it chronologically, I take you through the images as you would find them were you to open the book and go through it from front to back.  Within the video are something like 113 images, if I counted correctly, dated from July 25 - Dec 9.  


  1. Hi Karin,
    Good luck with your outings today ! May the Big City and the Pain God be kind !

    Go slow to go fast !;-)

    The video is awesome! It was great to revisit your pieces this way. Some images make me sharply inhale through gritted teeth in pain, some make me "hmmm" in agreement or understanding. Certains ones just grab me and take my breath away...

    Putting a cushion of love around you...
    Love Kim

  2. Your spirit sings from the pages of this book. I just want to breathe it all in.

    I'm so happy to have discovered your blog today. I'm putting it in my reader.


  3. Mmmm, that was amazing to see them all together like that. Like a gallery opening. (kinda?)

    I just want to enter into some of those images! I am still fascinated by the process in which you create.

    Question: you said rather than show them chronologically, you'd take us through the book as if we were reading from beginning to end. So...does this mean that you skip around in the book when you journal each day? How do you determine where to go next?

    Hope your post-op visit in the city went well and you are home resting comfortably. Did you get hammered by that ice storm at all?

  4. Thanks every one, glad you enjoyed the video journey!
    The check up trip in went smoothly and the weather was actually gorgeous! Ice had rapped against the windows through the night, changed to rain early in the morning and the sun was shining beautifully by noon, when we were readying to head out. (More tests and another follow up to come, hopefully in a week...)

    E.M., yes, I skip around as I work in the book, because I choose pages by the text on them and if it relates, in some way, to what I'm saying in my artwork that day. Either a word fits with the theme, or describes something in the artwork. Sometimes I can't find one that does that, and sometimes you can't see that it's there because the artwork hides it, but I know it's there! So that's why I skip around :)
    peace ,

  5. Hope all went well and thank you for sharing this wonderful book with the world. May you be washed with a sense of peace and tranquility. The healing has begun and you will overcome the pain. The journey has taken on a new path.
    sing sister sing

  6. Thanks for making the video so we can see the entirety of this book-like flipping the pages. I saw many pages that I have seen before and loved. Some are hard to look at because of the pain they tell of.

    I love your journals and your art.
    You are beautiful and I pray for your healing. Lifting you up in prayer to our Lord.


  7. Now this just completely wows me. I wondered what the book looked like - it's so beautiful in its full and glorious state!

  8. Glad your check up trip went smoothly. I will be thinking positive thoughts that your healing continues rapidly.

    I think my wish just came see more of your amazing pages. I love the Real Silence quote. Frieda Khalo comes to mind when looking at the pages about the pain you have been experiencing. It's so inspiring to see how you cope with pain. I love "painted prayers".

    I will be back to see more. With out Broadband downloading video clips takes me hours but it is well worth it.


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