Thursday, December 11

December 10

This little book was created for a show based on the theme of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
This was my response to the need for self actualization...

The book itself is about 8" x 8" and is made from book board.
I paper machéd the pages, and then used joint compound/spackle
(yup, the stuff you patch your walls with)
on the cover, and left hand side pages.
The right hand side, you can see the strips of paper from the paper maché, through the paint and raised image. That image is cut from water color paper and painted.

Music is from the album Kurr
by the group Amiina


  1. this was so beautiful to watch... thank you so much!

  2. Your visions are empowering. Each detail offers a new window into soul. Thank you for inspiring your readers. I am working on a book cover design and would apprecaite your input. I will email you about that.

  3. Like seeing an old sweet friend...lovely, as you.

  4. These are lovely pages, as usual.

  5. god i love your work... so rich and inviting... like i want to reach out and touch it. hello my friend... hope to see you soon. xoj
    ps. i'll try to call tomorrow.


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