Thursday, November 6

November 6: Soul Collage Cards


I recently came across Amber Coffey's blog, where she posted some of her Soul Collage cards, which got me thinking about some I'd done a couple years back. As I am still in recovery mode, I continue to mine from my past creations to share with you.

My first theme for a series of these cards was a healing one, centered around the chakra system. For each, I did a quiet
meditation and focused on each chakra center in my own body. Bringing to mind the color of it's energy, I then journaled about it's meaning, and waited for an animal image to come to me. I can't remember exactly why I wanted to incorporate this animal energy, other than thinking it might add an interesting element to the imagery of the collages, but I was surprised by some of the animals that appeared...

First chakra; root chakra; red; base of the spine; adrenal gland; immune system; stability; grounding; physical and emotional survival needs; sense of security; snake

Second Chakra; sacral chakra; orange; pelvis; low back; sexual organs; endocrine glands; creativity; relationships; family; friends; spider spins her expanding web

Third chakra; solar plexus chakra; yellow; stomach; liver; pancreas; intuition; fear; trust your gut; responsibility; flight or fight; rabbit

Fourth chakra; heart chakra; green; lungs; breast; thymus gland; heart; love; resentment and forgiveness; self centeredness and compassion; elephant

Fifith chakra; throat chakra; blue; neck; mouth; ears; thyroid; personal power; choice and expression; 'finding one's voice'; decision making; communication; rooster

Sixth chakra; third eye/brow chakra; indigo; brain; nervous system; eyes; nose and sinuses; pineal and pituitary glands; intelligence linked with higher intuition; psychic abilities; owl

Seventh chakra; crown chakra; violet; top of the head; pineal gland; mediation; spirituality; passion; 'all is one'; self knowledge; depressive; visionary; swan


  1. stuff....

    Yeah, my expertise as an art critic rears its head again...maybe after some sleep I'll come back and do better.....

  2. cool stuff works for me - thanks!

  3. These are so wonderfully rich...I could feel their healing connection as I read the description for each one.

    Where is you get all the perfect images from ?

    I am going to call on the spider and the swan today...

  4. I meant where did you get all the perfect images from ? ;-)

  5. Thanks Kim,
    A few of my favorite collage sources, for words and images, have consistenly been these magazines:
    The Sun Magazine (I highly recommend The Sun for it's creative writing, too - and because there is NO advertising. So worth supporting!), The Utne Reader,Parabola, and of course a collage artist's favorite - the National Geographic!

  6. Hi again Karin !
    Thanks for sharing your sources with me.

    Your Soul Collage cards today inspired me to do a journal page for the 7th Chakra - I actually noticed a photo of a swan in a magazine yesterday but didn't cut it out at the time. I went back and got it and used it for my page "Viola was a visionary Queen".

    I would love you to see it. It has set my tone for the rest of the day.
    Thanks for the inspiration !

  7. I really like some of these. Good work.

  8. Beautiful work-I love these!
    Thanks for sharing!


  9. hi. i really like to look at your works. itz amazingly touches me. keep it up!


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