Tuesday, November 4

November 5

A New Day Dawns


  1. I love that I can look at your work and just feel.

    And this feels really, really good.

    Hope you are too.

    (Proud to be an Ohioan once again)


  2. thanks for this vibrant and energized visual gift of the potent possibility of what THIS NEW DAY offers to our collective heart n soul world wide.
    Now the real work begins...what a great time to be on this beautiful globe called Mother Earth.

  3. Beautiful painting full of hope and energy. I'm amazed at the process.

  4. thanks all,
    what a process indeed! and I agree, the hard work, and responsibility for us all, now lies ahead. This isn't a time to sit back and hope that those in power will take care of us - we're being asked to join them in being an engaged people, creating a more united country, and world.

    Today though, we may take a deep breath and celebrate the depth of meaning in having unleashed an aspect of bondage that our country's history was built on. We may look within, remember all we are grateful for, and consider how we might become more involved with our own local communities and neighborhoods, where it all begins...

  5. Very beautiful..and appropriate for this strange but wondrous new world where we see the impossible unfolding before our eyes....

  6. Gosh there is something so yummy, scrummy and wallworthy here. I want to pick the sun up and bite into its lovely juicyness

  7. I really LOVE this painting and Yes, a new day does dawn for us all! I wish I could see this painting up close and personal, but I love the COLOR and feeling this painting has and gives to me!

    Wonderful work!



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