Thursday, November 20

November 20 & Creative Opportunity


I Thought I'd share an opportunity that I've learned about, that sounds like fun. Actually, there are two of them, both created by the Art House Co-op. Both involve your creativity, a nominal fee, and being a part of a bigger whole.

One is called the
10,000 People Project
, where you sign up and they will send you a piece of paper with a word on it. You interpret that word, in an artistic form, as will 9, 999 other people.  In the end all those artistic interpretations will be shown in an exhibition. ($5)

The other project is called the
Sketchbook Project, in which you sign up, they send you a moleskin sketchbook, you fill it with your artwork (on the unifying theme of "everyone we know") and send it back. ($18)  Once again, the collected works are displayed, this time in a traveling exhibition which is hitting seven scheduled locations so far.  You can opt to have your sketchbook returned to you - just provide the postage.

I love the idea of these open projects because of the range of work, imagery, and ideas that are bound to emerge.  It's an opportunity to have some fun, be part of a bigger community, and stretch your creative wings.


  1. I love this dream-like collage image. Thank you for the info on these creative opportunities. I really like the honesty of your journal pages.
    I was recently tagged and now I'm tagging you because I love your work.
    Visit my blog to get all the details.

  2. I love the "In the Whirl"...evocative of a number of things...including...whatsername...African American artist who uses silhouettes...crap...I really should know her name....Anyway, I'm supposed to be talking about your work here, not hers. That spiky guy down thee with all the red around him looks cool, too, though I guess I should comment on him down there.....

  3. Hi Karin - I stumbled across your blog and am so glad I did. I am new to blogging and yours is the first I will follow. I love your work - and would like to walk beside you on your spiritual path for a little way if I may. Peace and love to you. Jazzlady from Australia

  4. Thanks to you all,
    we had our first snow flakes, and they just didn't quite seem to know which way they were falling - swirling past my window, I let them take me on their journey for a while and it felt good to be cool, free, and weightless.
    Jazzlady, thank you - it's an honor to have you along the road by my side,

  5. oh my gosh what a fantastic idea - I adore the moleskin sketchbook thing! I may just sign up!


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