Wednesday, November 19

November 19


  1. I'm not sure what enlightenment is, but I'm sure it has something to do with turning pain into love.

    Yeah, sort of.

    Its more about realising that there is no seperation between yourself and anyone or anything else. And, in order to get there, we do have to get go of our pain. Because pain is caused in part by our sense of seperation from others.

    Beautiful work!!

  2. This piece made me take many deep cleansing breaths...and it made want to learn to turn pain into there an accelerated version of this lesson I can take ? ;-)

    You really are amazing.

  3. there are no words that enhance these, only to say that your imagery is so tangible I feel it too...
    gets a little old sometimes, yes, all this holy pain??

  4. Thank you for this image. I can relate too well. I haven't mastered turning my pain into love, but thanks for the hope.

  5. that "turning pain into love" tempted to steal it for my blog, but anything I'd do with it would end up being a pale imitation of what you're doing with it here....

  6. Before I found the quote on these pages, I had planned to post that I was going to take a break from my journal, and posting. Physical pain runs high, healing from surgery is slow, lupus is flaring... and then:
    "When we don't turn away from pain, we open our hearts..." and I knew I had to push myself fully into my experience, again, and bring the image in my mind and the experience in my body, out onto my pages. And so I did, and here you all are, helping me on my healing journey, and heart opening, beyond the "holy pain" of "separation"...
    thank you All.

  7. Wow Karen, in looking at this image, I can feel the intense pain that you have captured and I can't even begin to imagine how this feels to your body and internal soul. It screams at me and I pray for your healing.
    The pain I have felt it my life is more emotional/mental pain and can be easily blocked.
    I have been blessed by God even more than I know and He has turned my pain in to LOVE on more than one occassion. He is the ultimate healer and I will send up prayers for your healing.
    Thank you for sharing with us all.


  8. yes, we are all here for you!!! this one is such a hard one to be with... something about the red is really difficult for me to stay focused on... probably comes from my own health stuff - but i'll keep coming back to it to see if i can find some love there:)


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