Thursday, October 9

October 9


  1. I LOVE your pages. They are powerful.

    Did you use inks on this one? the colour is really happening. The translucent aspect of the colours..

  2. Thanks Dee Dee!
    No, all my colours are acrylics. What I do is layer them on and "wash" them off. I'm into massaging my pages :) so I do a lot of rubbing with damp paper towels and my fingers - rubbing and working the colors into the surface. I do let them dry in between, then a wash and rub, again and again. I also use rubbing alcohol to remove color - carefully, to reveal layers beneath, once I've put down a few colors. Too much and you'll go right back down to the paper, and with the alcohol I've found I have to have a gesso base to start with.
    You may know already, but rubbing alcohol works as a solvent for acrylic based paints. Even gets small amounts out of clothing!

  3. Hi Karin, I have just tagged you.

    Check out my blog for details!!


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