Friday, October 24

October, 24 cont: My Room with A View!

To prove I was not hallucinating, I took these photos as
proof that while I was looking out my hospital window this afternoon, 
a large sail boat came sailing swiftly by, 
looping in a large circle every 25 yards or so,
down the East River,
displaying our opposing presidential candidates!!

Any ideas about who was responsible for this humorous stunt?!


  1. How cool is that!!?!?!?

    Check out my "Pushing Fifty Gently..." blog for another take on mobile campaign advertising ... hee hee ... ;-D

    How are you feeling today?

  2. Good luck Karin - I hope you feel better soon.

    Last year I created a website which I run entirely on my own. Having suffered from chronic mercury toxicity myself I thought I would like to help others with similar symptoms. My daughter Katie was exposed to mercury in utero and has a titanium rod screwed into her spine as a result of her exposure. She cannot have the rod removed because it is holding her spine together but I know she has a titanium allergy.

    I now correspond and work with many scientists around the world – their articles and research studies are on my website. As a result of my research I have been asked to set up another website with the Culture Correspondent of BBC Newsnight which will be about finding alternative treatments for Scoliosis.

    I am really sorry you are suffering so much.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Becky, Very interesting, though sad news, regarding the challenges you and your daughter have been through via the mercury and titanium toxicity. I was unable to find a link to any site by clicking on your name. If you'd like to share that further, please go to my profile and email it to me, okay? Thank you.
    My surgeon found there was reactive material surrounding the crews and rod (I won't get descriptive here!) and I've been quite rashy and itchy sine the surgery on tuesday. I'm sure that we will all be having more difficulties as these materials are being used more frequently and cavalierly. My understanding is titanium is now being used in dental work...
    Thank you for your concern and sharing.

  4. Hi Karin,
    Sending you strength, smiles and hugs for a speedy healing! :o)

  5. now that is rather bizzare :-)

  6. I'm glad you took those photos... who would believe you otherwise?! Those sails couldn't have been cheap... bizarre.
    Hope you clear up the allergy issues and good luck getting settled at home!

  7. hmmm...the indecisiveness would suggest a Libran is behind it...

  8. hi karin - surreal!!! i just posted a video by mc yogi on my blog. it's pretty cool. (as well as a response under our photo:)i feel like i have not done enough for the election - am trying to think of something to do with art... video or installation in nature... not sure. maybe i could rent that boat and paint over mccain?
    it's late or early, and i need to shut this thing off.. but couldn't sleep cuz i was coughing my brains out. be well, xoj


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