Friday, October 24

October 24: Blog Awards

These awards came to me at a perfect time.  While preparing myself for the surgery I wondered - what can I do for my blog while I'm away?  As I've said, I wanted to keep some of the flow going, energy moving, and I knew I wanted to prepare a few postings in advance, but what would they be?  As if by magic, one award came in, and then another the next day, and then I was "tagged".  What better way to keep the flow of energy moving than to guide people to other blogs where I find inspiration? 

The first came from a kindred spirit, at Passions of an Odd Chick, who creates beautifully with both words and her art.  Her posts always leave me touched, and with questions to ponder.

The second came from Connie, a new friend over at Dirty Footprints. Connie is a creative soul who explores her life with great honesty and openness.  Since Connie, is a new online pal, for her award I'm listing people I have just discovered very recently, though look forward to visiting them again and again!

I was tagged by Jennifer Robertson Williams over at Trial and Error, where she shares her daily self, art, dilemmas, dreams, humor, and heart.  So I guess this means I have to share six random things about myself now - which of course is leaving my brain totally blank...

  • I became  by vegan nearly 20 years ago after reading Diet for a New America by John Robbins.  He convinced me that not only would I be helping my physical health and the environment, but I'd be deepening my understanding of compassion and ability to live compassionately.
  • I cannot throw anything away.  I can imagine another purpose for nearly anything.  Maybe I learned this from my dad.  He used to save burnt out light bulbs - I don't know why!  I know I imagined that he thought someday they'd figure out a way to recharge them - I'll have to ask him!
  • I really don't like to travel, so I wish I lived closer to all my friends and family.
  • I have a passion for cacti.  I have over 100 plants, and have moved across country more than once.  The Department of Agriculture had to come out and inspect them before one of our moves, to make sure they were disease free crossing state lines!  They are another part of my can't throw things away problem - they are so healthy and grow so well, I take cuttings to keep them under control.  So they multiply...
  • I'd pick french fries and stuffed olives over chocolate and sweets any day!
  • I just realized that these things are mostly unimportant random things about me and I'm wondering if I should go back and find more 'important' thoughts to raise, instead of wasting words on french fries, so, another thing about me is - I'm always thinking, watching, analyzing, wondering churning and turning things over...
So, in honor of these accolades, let me introduce you to a sampling of a few blogs I'm enjoying these days:

soulful, exquisitely crafted mixed media artwork, jewelry, book arts, and more.
a multi media artist who does some fun things with book arts and book parts!
Beautiful images, thought provoking writing, shared wisdom.
Beautiful artwork - a generous spirit and artist.
Remarkably detailed and colorful paintings with paper - the ultimate in collage work!
Inspiring and really fine mixed media artwork, luscious imagery that takes me to peaceful places.
Daily artwork on the theme of peace - what more could you want?
Really interesting multi media artist

My friendly fellow bloggers above may chose to pass on the awards as they see fit- this is simply how I've chosen to share the honor!
Many thanks to all who want to share my blog with others, via the passed on awards
I like the daily focus and rhythm to my journal and my blog, so I will not participate in them in the future, as they kinda interrupt that flow.
  Vikki North created this symbol to represent her decision to withdraw from this practice (and wrote about it) on her Red Chair Gallery blog.


I will continue to share my favorite folks with you, and new finds, by listing them in my side bar.  I also do not do link exchanges, as I find the longer the list, the more diluted and lost the individual gem becomes.  So, you'll see some folks come and go.  As I change, so may my inspirations!


  1. Karin! Thinking of you in all the dawn colours you witness from your hospital window :-)

    Your healing is as inevitable as sunrise.

    Thanks for the wee nod for my blog (a blog-nod??)... and I will certainly explore the sites you have recommended.

    Take tender care!


  2. Hi Jaliya,
    You beat me to writing to let you know about this posting!
    I hope your being listed here will bring you more than nods from fellow visitors, as I certainly take away more richness than just a small gesture can provide! Your blog is unique to the others in that, while you use imagery, it is done in a very different way than the others. You have a talent for making such beautiful connections with image and word, deepening meaning, and finding new. I was just too tired to say all that when I wrote my list!!
    xox, K

  3. hi karin,
    thank you so much for mentioning my blog and for your kind words~ i really appreciate it!

  4. Hi Karin, I'm relieved that you are doing well and that the fever has left and I hope you are home by now. thank you so much for the award and linking me up with some of your friends. I'm no longer accepting blog awards but that doesn't mean that I won't pass along the idea of networking and encouraging artist that fascinate me and inspire me. You will always be at the top of my list. Take very good care of your sweet self. I might send my guardian angel to stand watch over you with his spiritual shot-gun. (my first oil!)

  5. Hi Odd Chick,
    This was actually in response to the award you had given me way back on October 6th, which I was sort of finally passing on! I'm not accepting them in the traditional sense either - that's what this is - my last award hoorah ;) and I thought presenting the new folks I listed would work as a good thing to do for a post while I'm in the hospital.

    the plan is, I am heading home from hospital tomorrow. am looking forward to sleeeeeep!

  6. I love the colors of dawn!

    I captured your little moon pic and I might do the same and post it. I am encouraging us who love and support each otehrs blogs to be followers.

  7. Not sure what the surgery is for but I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Thanks for dropping me a line, and most especially for the mention on your blog. I will have fun too exploring your links.

    What a good idea about the blog awards :) notice from Red Chair Gallery.

    I don't mind adding new links as they have a way of showing the top ten updated one's only and visitors have the option to see the whole list if they wish.

    toodle pip for now

  8. Karin, I hope your fever is just a cold and that your surgery goes without complications. I just found you through my own google alerts. Thanks for mentioning my "Paper Paintings" collage work! I wondered how you found me, but I see my dear friend Robin Maria Pedrero here in your comments and it's clear now! Your photos are great, as is your art work. You do a fantastic job with the blog, keeping up is not easy!

  9. Karin..I hope your surgery went well and that healing from it comes quickly. I thank you for thinking of me and including me amoung the blogs you like. I always enjoy visisting your blog...your art is spiritually charged and always make you think.
    PEace Friend~

  10. Karin, I hope you are recovering well after your surgery. This post is echoing what I am feeling about blog awards lately. I am always happy to be awarded but the work that goes into passing them on is very disruptive especially if its happening often. I've saved the moon face in case I have the guts to post it. I worry that I am insulting the people who have given me the awards in the past. You have been very sensitive and tactful about the way you feel about them.

  11. Thanks Robyn, I am coming along, trying to be the patient patient!
    It is a funny balance, being gracious and feeling happy about the award recognition, but then there's that flow thing! I guess if we are able to express how we feel about it from the heart, folks will understand and not be hurt or offended if we choose not to follow through.


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