Tuesday, November 15

Latest news!

Being the gluttons for punishment that we are - or so it seems - another home construction project is underway.  
First to come down in the demo was the roof,
then the walls.  We're keeping the back wall, and just adding to it...

After 10 years of parking in the snow all winter, and having to dig out every morning, my husband wants to be able to start his days a little easier, so we're expanding our one car garage to hold 2.  Surprisingly, it's a lot more invasive than we thought it would be.
making the molds,
and pouring the footers.

Foundation is poured and we're ready for walls!

Not so surprising, we are already way behind the schedule/time frame we were given...

And then there's the studio news.
I'm still not moved in, but steadily, I'm working my way there.
One shelf unit, unfinished
I had several built in pieces (shelves, work table, etc) built and installed but all of them are raw wood, and must be sealed and protected in some way before putting things away.
The wood needed a lot of sanding, and I have to pace myself, so it's been slow going.  But I'm getting there!

I like to layer washes of color, just like when I paint, to get a nice depth of color, but still allow the grain of the wood to show through.
I still have to go over everything with steel wool to bring up a good sheen, and it probably needs one more coat of color, then I'm on to the big work unit.  Between this, and several health challenges, I have done virtually no art to share with you, but ideas and plans are whirring.
I find that I've developed a whole new relationship with time.  It's been forced upon me, but there was a time I know I would have fought it and tried to make it different.  That would only have led me to some kind of catastrophe, no doubt!  Today I must make a choice - focus on one thing each day, do it well, and be grateful I was able to accomplish that one thing.  Yesterday, it was cooking a dish for dinner later.  Upon completing the food prep and cleaning up, I had to sleep for several hours.  If I run an errand, or have a doctor appointment, that is what I do for that day.  So a few hours working on my studio is a very good day.  I will simply need a great deal of these kind of good days before I am completely finished!  I do hope and pray for a shift in my strength and energy, but I am incredibly grateful for the pain free use of my hands - the trade off is worth it, because apparently it is side effects of the treatment I'm receiving that are causing the fatigue and muscle weakness...

If I'm not back before next Thursday, I want to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for all of you, the care and support I receive from you, all that I've learned from you, and the ways you've each inspired me.  
Blessings and love to you all!!  Karin


  1. Wonderful! loved seeing all the photos and reading about your participation in the springtime art class! you will be so happy with a place to keep the car from the weather as it looks like we may be in for much snow and cold this year! And I love the look of the storage units! go, Karin' go!

  2. I do hope the new garage will be finished before the weather gets too snowy. I think it is a good thing that you are pacing yourself. Look on the studio shelving as art.

  3. wow, a garage is sooo necessary... like a studio...
    and what beautiful shelves you will have when you finish, bella! xox

  4. Tears filled my eyes when I saw your comment. I haven't stopped by lately.

    It is interesting to read how you are managing you life.

  5. I lived in Minnesota for two years, and that was enough digging cars out of the snow for me. I hope you enjoy your new garage addition, and your studio looks great too.

  6. I'm back...tee hee. I was watching TV and clicked before I was finished.

    Grateful for being pain free and able to use your hands. I could not be more thrilled for you.

    You remain in my thoughts and prayers. You encourage me in the living of life.


  7. aw, what an awesome post. you are finishing those shelves yourself, you brave hardworking woman!

    karin, i like the idea of one good thing a day. so many people fritter away their time before understanding what a precious commodity it is. i know you wish you could do more, and hopefully that day will come, but thank god you know how precious that one activity is.

    and thank god about your HANDS!! what a relief that must be. happy thanksgiving to you too xoxo

    with love

  8. Yes a garage is something you truly need...the new built in shelves are fabulous. Congratulations of this new collaboration! Blessings to you dear friend. I held your handmade book you made for me in my hands ...and sent you warm hugs and blessings. Peace, Mary Helen

  9. Such good news about your hands Karin..... and great to read about the workshop. I'm sure it will open new doors for you.

  10. Karin---love it, love it, love it! I need some of those bookshelves done too!The color looks wonderful. I am with your husband on the garage thing....when I lived in WV we had alot of snow and it was so nice to go to the garage, open the door and drive out! No ice removal, a little bit warmer in the interior.....good idea!

  11. Hey K
    All good.
    So excellent.

    So grateful...

    that you are taking it: 'one day, one project, one NOW moment at a time'...

    There really isn't any greater wisdom.


  12. Karin, this looks like great fun! I'm actually serious; I love construction- doing it myself, that is. I'm weird that way, I guess. I'm glad your studio is in the final stages of coming together; I know you must be so excited, and anxious to start working there. Congrats on the Journal Playground- I wish I could be one of your students!

    p.s. From one turtle to another: one thing a day is good- slow and steady wins the race! :) xxoo

  13. First, congrats on being one of the talented teachers to participate in 21 Secrets. That's super news!! And what a beautful studio you will have when it's completed. Can't believe you are painting all by hand. what a work of art that is unto itself!!
    Best of luck with the garage as well. That will surely be a winter gift!!
    And lastly, ahh --- time. It just moves by us, whether we think it goes fast or slow or don't seem to notice either way. These days, I tell myself to ignore it as best I can, and just try to focus on like you say- one thing at a time and let that item be my goal.
    So very glad to know that you are able to be working with your hands- that is a wonderful Thanksgiving gift!! xxoo

  14. Congratulations on this teaching opportunity. How exciting. And thanks for sharing your studio with us too.

  15. Congratulations Karin, this is wonderful news about teaching. I love what you said here "focus on one thing each day, do it well, and be grateful I was able to accomplish that one thing..." I totally relate to this!

  16. congrats on the workshops, you will make a wonderful contribution to everyone's creativity. We have a two car garage, but I still have to clean off the car & shovel because my husband's art (his classic cars) live in there!!Your studio looks amazing so far - I am trying to work in and work on mine at the same time and your way looks way better!! Best & blessings friend :)

  17. I am sending warm hugs and blessings as you celebrate your thanksgiving dinner with those you love in your newly growing home. You have blessed me in so many different ways. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  18. Your focus is a gift. Your words have caused me to think about how I have been feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do. I thank you for your wise words.

    I am so glad to see your efforts toward completing your studio. What a gorgeous space it will be. And congrats on your upcoming art journaling workshop!

  19. Hi Lyle, I'm sure you're right - cars undercover will be a good thing :) xo

    Hey Penny, good idea - it's all creating after all! thanks for coming by!

    that's funny Cat - essentials, studio garage. I m set!! xox

    Sweet Sandi, thank you for your heart felt words. big hugs to you, too! xoxo

    Hi Snow, I've only been to Minnesota once, and that was during January - cold doesn't even begin to describe what the air felt like there! I can't imagine digging out there, so I can't blame you for one second!!

    hi kj, thank you for your affirming words. I do feel so much better in realizing that one well done thing in any day is very fulfilling! a happy thanksgiving to you, too. xox

    thank you so much Mary Helen :) I'm warmed by your words. xox

    thanks Robyn! I'm sure you're right - saying "yes" to this opportunity will be a new opening! xo

    Hi Toni!! thank you - I'm liking the color, too. It's a bit redder in real life :) and amen to warm and dry :) xox

    thank you Donna, I'm quite grateful to have this bit of wisdom under my belt!!

    Hi Sharmon, I have always been like that, too! I've finished a number of book shelves, enjoyed painting and papering my walls, refinishing furniture, etc. Thankfully I've trained myself not to be anxious about not doing art while I'm doing these projects anymore. I have felt self imposed pressure to make art & excel at home projects in X amount of time, as if I might run out! Silliness, of course, because as long as I live, that's the one thing I'll have - time - no more, no less!! Here's to being turtles :)
    BTW the class is online - it will have a video, downloads, etc, so technically you could be a student if the class appeals. More details to come! xox

    Thank you Jill! Yes to all you said about time!! and also to one of the best Thanksgiving gifts ever - the use of my hands! I am SO grateful :) xoxo

    Thank you Seth - I am pretty excited about it!

    Hi Laura, yes - I know how well you understand this approach to my day - and one good things can be defined in so many ways.

    That's funny Deb! Sounds like your garage is your husband's 'studio' of sorts! I don't think I'd be able to focus one moment on artwork while finishing my space at the same time. I'd be constantly going in circles, unable to focus on either thing well! Bravo to you for having focus :) xxoo

    {{{{{{{{Mary Helen}}}}}}}} and you me ♥

    Hi Teri, it was, and still is, the sense of being overwhelmed that has led me to finding my way with this much saner approach to each day. I am grateful my words spoke to you. xoxo

    Thank you all - I am forever grateful for your place in my life, near and far. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans, and blessings to all everywhere. love to you, Karin

  20. hi Karin
    I"ve just watched your lovely videos on binding books - little green one ie, and enjoyed them. Im doing the Sketchbook Project so appreciated your ideas on making a journal.
    Hope your garage and family and everything is going well. Its summer here, in the southern hemisphere - our snow is about 2 hours away... which Im glad of!

    Such a beautiful blog.. the images on it and words gave me a buzz..

    Good idea to keep on doing things steadily and slowly, way better to get something done and keep the energy steady than go full bore and wear everything out fast!
    My life had been going a bit crazy, but I did a wonderful course in the last few months on Mindfulness, and been encouraged to stay in the present, enjoy and savour each thing, and ... it works! doing just that thing each day that matters, and being where I am, right now.

    Go well and be well,
    lovely to find your stories and pictures here!

    Rosie - in Canberra, Australia.

  21. Ps hope 21 Secrets has gone well, too... looked good! stay warm and well.

  22. So glad to see the progress you're making, albeit on your own body's terms! Happy to hear about the journal project and glad the construction guys are outside:)
    I MISS YOU!!!!


  23. Hi Karin!
    Just discovered your wonderful videos on book binding and the mandala journal.

    All I can say is WOW! Thanks for sharing your expertise and artistic journey with us. Hope your New Year is warm and filled with much joy..whether you are making art, or fixing up your new art space. It all qualifies as living creatively.

    Take care!

  24. Ack, I've gotten so behind on my poor blog!! Rosie, thank you so much!! Slowly but surely things are coming along - a bit too slowly for my liking, but there are lessons always lessons! deep long breath....
    if you are interested at all, the 21 Secrets class doesn't begin until March!! more info to come. Happy new year!

    Patti my friend, I love you!!

    Karma, thank you for coming by and leaving me your kind message! I'm glad you've enjoyed my videos, and hope to do more this coming year :) Glad you found me, and wish you a joyful, creative new year!!

  25. I love the energy I feel as I view these photos and sense your enthusiasm about ongoing changes in your life. We always have choices about how to feel and respond to what is unfolding. You continue to be a wonderful inspiration to your friends, readers of this blog and anyone who is familiar with your art and life story. Much love from Down Under.

  26. Well I think many people fritter away their time before understanding what a precious commodity it is. i know you wish you could do more, and hopefully that day will come...

  27. You have been in my mind. I just wanted to wish you well. Tsup!

  28. Karin, you are in my prayers. I think that the amount of praying I have done this past year, Someone will know me personally by now. I am sending love to you when I close my eyes. Take care, dearest Karin. Tsup!!!

  29. Thinking of you, dear Karin, and wishing you well.


  30. I am sending you good vibrations from vacation land. It is past 2AM and I am drawing a group of friars. thinking of you. Tsup!!!!

  31. It's funny how projects always seem to take longer than you think. Looks like a lot of work but it will all be gorgeous in the end.

  32. Hey K
    Just popped over to send a cyber hug...and so much love.


  33. It has been awhile, I am looking for you.

  34. Thanks for the shout out. I only want you to know i think of you and pray for you.

  35. you are in my thoughts & prayers

  36. Just want you to know I think of you all the time! xo hugs, Jilly

  37. I've been thinking of you all week! Love to you xox

  38. Trust further progress continues to be made. You always light up a room, regardless of what you do or do not do.

  39. just say hello because it is so long with no news from you

  40. Renovating a house is a big change. A lot to take all in. I'm not a fan of changes. But I hope this works for you. I'm not a fan of changes.

  41. so are those shelves completed? i hope so!

    if not i am here to tell you to hire someone to finish so you can happily joyfully fill those shelves with all materials that tickle your soul.

    i hope you are feeling well, karin.


  42. I miss you and wonder how the world is treating you?

  43. I do hope and pray for a shift in my strength and energy, but I am incredibly grateful for the pain free use of my hands - the trade off is worth it, because apparently it is side effects of the treatment I'm receiving that are causing the fatigue and muscle weakness...

  44. Seems there are always trade offs with medical treatments, doesn't it?! I am glad you have your hands, and hope for a return to your energy and strength to return as well...

  45. hello i miss you in the blog land

  46. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    I miss your lessons in word and art.

    I look forward to your return.

  47. I really wish you well, and hopefully to see new you tube videos! You have a very good calming voice and your talent is inspiring!

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