Friday, July 9

catching up

Since starting this blog,
I don't think I've ever let a period as long as two weeks go by without posting,
and I can't believe that much time has past, but here we are.

(red tailed hawk pair were circling me over head today,
calling their haunting cry as I gathered flowers from the garden)
I've been trying to imagine how I will proceed here, as it is apparent that creating art on a regular basis has become too difficult to do, without painful consequences.  
The Target series took a lot out of me, so I backed off, and gave my hands and body a break.

During my time away, I've been reading for pleasure, and tending to the garden.

We've been in quite a heat wave, 
so to fully enjoy the abundance I've 
been harvesting and bringing flowers 
inside.  I wish you could smell these 
lilies - the house is filled with their 

I love taking in all the colors

and visiting with the many pollinators...

Back inside...

I did decide to order the 100 targets,
and they arrived a couple days ago - 
looking absolutely nothing like they were pictured!

It's more like a cartoon medical chart!
I'm going to have to rethink this...

Yesterday I collaged these images into my collage journal,

painted a little, after a visit to the garden,
and then began to draw...

faces emerge
and eyes peer out from every joint...

I'm still not sure where next I'll be led, 
      but know that my thoughts return here again and again, 
      even when my the rest of me is still and silent.

journal pages

I leave you with a little journey to take.

Through out the month of July, Connie,
over at the Dirty Footprints Studio,
is sharing 30 artist who are regular art journal keepers.

I'll be among the gathering later this month,
but I wanted to guide you there sooner,
so you can take in all the inspiring folks she's introducing her readers to.
It's a diverse and fun group, so wander over and enjoy!


  1. Your garden looks wonderful. I can almost smell the lilies. I llike your journal pages. At first, i thought this is the most painful picture I have seen you do ( I mean that in the sense that your joints and bones appear to be screaming). But now, the more I look at it I like the bottom Left hand corner. It seems very hopeful. The pain is being examined an the redness is fading. Maybe the green kisses of nature and her balms are soothing them?

    You take care of your self xxJ

  2. karin, the garden looks beautiful. the terrible heat has about done mine in! It was beautiful tho for a while! I love all the joints looking at us! I know when one wrist is screaming it looks at the other one and says come join in the fun lets keep her awake all nite! as to the targets you might consider offering one to each of your best blog buds to decorate with their various creaks and groans to be returned to you for judging along with a donation to your favorite charity! might be fun! meanwhile draw a little, take a nap and paint some. all in small amounts. and remember we all are wishing good things for you! lyle

  3. A wonderful garden stroll I had today, walking through and soaking up the flower beauty and hearing the bee buzz.

    I'm always glad to see your art and soak up your words.

    You are amazing and a woman hero....courage you have and it shows.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Karin - this is the most amazing work you've done so far. How powerful

  5. That's a great garden. I love those targets. I think it's a great idea what you are doing. All these bones in our bodies and what they can do to us. I know I suffer from ankle, knees, hip, elbow arthritis and the pain can be excruciating. The targets are a good way to fight that pain. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend and SOAR on strong woman. Take care.

  6. What a beautiful garden -- I'd set up a place to snooze out there and never leave! =) Also, how odd for the targets -- I've never seen them like that! Can't wait to see how they transform (transend?).

    HUGS and have a great Summer weekend!

    PS: I'll keep my eyes open for your spot on the 30 Journals -- how cool!

  7. So glad you are enjoying the garden, it is what they are for. Dont stress about making art and blogging.It all comes together eventually.
    I did find your bones a bit disturbing, but also beautiful.

  8. I am so glad you are taking sanctuary in the garden and conversing with the pollinators, they are such great friends. you flowers look so beautiful and everything is just lush.
    your drawings are fascinating Karin, love the eyes on the knuckles.. been working on keeping my joints flexible so this speaks to me too... will go check out your link. sending hugs xo

  9. Your garden is such a sanctuary ! How wonderful that you have a place like that to retreat too, even if it is just for a little while in the big heat.
    I have been checking out Connie's cool project - I am participating as well!
    Wishing you kisses on those magnificent hands of yours.Know that whatever form your blog takes,all of readers who love and respect you will continue to come whenever you post.
    Big Love to you !

  10. I'll be willing to bet that none of your readers mind which direction your blog takes.

    But one thing is for certain - no one wants you to push yourself for the sake of making sure you post. So, do what you can, when you can and in accordance with what's possible without hurting yourself. Yeah?

    And your garden is beautiful :)

  11. Karin, it's so good to "see you" again! Your garden looks like a good place for healing, in the arms of mother nature. I love your journal pages; so creative, the personalities you give those little bones! This really resonates with me, because the arthritis in my hands continues to worsen, and I get so frustrated with those little bone-people! Take care of yourself, and don't worry about how often you post. I'm off to check out the 30 journals. xxoo

  12. I'm glad your garden hasn't shriveled up in the heat. It is really beautiful.

    I have to agree with Svasti. We all love your art and posts but please don't ovedo it. (I have to admit I did miss you :-)

  13. Hey K
    Every image, photos and wonderful.

    There is such quiet joy in 'nature nurture'.


  14. Enjoyed my stroll through the delights of your garden. Can't wait to see what you do with the 'medical'targets! The hand journal page was very powerful!

  15. Your garden is beautiful and I know it brings you much joy and peace.....a true santuary.....

    Congratulations on your spot on the journal visits....I will be looking for you day....

    Your artwork is inspiring and encouraging that we must press on even in the pain....


  16. Connie is awesome and I follow her, she hooked me on the Art Journaling NING.

    Now back to you, don't worry about us, it may have been your art that drew us in but it is you keep us coming back and therefore and soforth it is you, your well being that is important.

    so take care of yourslef and the rest will fill in


  17. catching up seems to be the theme these days... don't know if it's summer or, as in your case, other issues. I posted today for the first time in weeks!
    the photos are magnificent and the hand/face drawings are well, karin.
    I MISS YOU!!

  18. No matter what surface you work on, your strength and authenticity shine through. Thank you for the link to Connie's site. Off to visit now.

  19. i love coming here no matter what you post - art, life, photos. it's a treat to find something when i do get on the computer and peruse a few blogs which seems less and less often. just a tad more often then when i put up a post anymore which is every couple weeks when i'm doing good :-) there is a time for every season under heaven, as the song goes. all your seasons are honest and real, i treasure that.

  20. Hi Jasmine, thank you - the garden has been thriving this year. I've had help with it over the previous years, with my back surgeries and all, but this summer i've taken it over again, and I have to say, it's never looked better! As far as the journal pages go - while working in the hidden areas of the garden I find all kinds of dark and stubborn unwanted growth - poison ivy, thorny vines, strong clinging deeply twining, thready rooted invaders. I think they worked their way into my art, though i had started out intending to create flowering vining beauty, the dark invaders showed up reminding me of the reality I need to face - more hand surgeries and other issues once this radiation stuff is taken care of... ❤

    I do like your thinking Lyle, but organizing a target distribution, judging, etc is more work than I'm up for - just addressing and packing them up would be work I know I couldn't commit to at this time. I'll soon be moving out for the next 6 weeks, to be by the hospital where i'll be getting radiation. But that would be a fun project to think about for the future! Thank you for the good wishes. xox

    Thank you wild magnolia, you humble me - I do not feel heroic, simply human doing the human dance of life as best I can! Your prayers are greatly appreciated my friend, xo

    Thank you Whitney :)

    Hi Gloria, the targets are a hoot, aren't they? I still think I need to get the true targets for my original plan, and save these for another focus - I'm still thinking and imagining...

    It is a good snooze setting Liz!! I'll be featured on Connie's blog July 25th, my b-day :)

  21. Hi Penny, yeah, I'm not stressing, just missing and desiring! but in the mean time, the garden is a good resting place, for sure.

    Hi Cat, yes, I am loving my garden friends - we also have a nesting pair of wrens, so there is a pretty constant serenade happening while out there, which is heart warming. These joints feel as if they each have a life of their own, thus the individual faces appearing between the bones, peering out at each other! I hope they'll all decide it's time to either quiet down and make peace, or pack up and leave!! xo

    Hey Kim, congrats! I'll enjoy seeing you and your work over at Connie's, too :) xox

    Thanks Svasti, I'm sure I'll figure it out. I guess I don't see keeping a blog without art though - it's what connects me and what I care to share, so without that voice I imagine silence.

    Hi Sharmon, it seems there are many with congregations of joint and "bone people" dwelling in their hands!! If we all join hands they can have a great big party :) and leave us alone!!!

    Thanks Robyn, I won't over do :) xox

    Hi D, yes, that nature heals, when nothing else des the trick, it's nature... xox

    Thanks Megan - I'm curious about those med targets, too!!

    HI Nancy, thanks for your words and visit :)

    Thank you Paige, I'll worry not :) and yes, Connie is an inspiring force!! xox

    Hi Patti, maybe you're right - this summer time thing helps change the regular pattern of things - I am seeing it in many bloggers posts these days! Will talk soon :) xox

    Thank you Seth, and I hope you enjoy Connie's series!

    Hi Katie, thank you so much, that means a lot. And you're right - there is a flow and a rhythm to find and follow. This must be my season of rest :)

  22. Karen, so glad to see you back on your blog. The way in which you articulate your journey is inspiring. Articulation's a fancy word--but I think it works for your recent drawings--evocative, powerful and healing. They appear to come out of your time in the garden and, like the plants, create room to breathe. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  23. Hi Karin! Your photos are beautiful and your art spectacular. I love your mind and how creativity just seems to eminate from you even in such trying circumstances.

    Healing thoughts always as you embark on the next phase of your treatments. xox Sonia

  24. I've been worrying about you, but I didn't want to bug you/intrude. Hope today is a good day, and your garden is fabulous. I am ready to start harvesting salad greens from mine and I can't wait for that salad!! Sending you love and healing wishes

  25. dear karin, i've been here three times to comment and haven't, so for now i will just say i am thinking of you and wanting your pain to take a long walk off a short pier.

    how many more?

    don't forget the better days ahead. maybe even best days. i don't say that lightly/

    with love

  26. Dear Karin...there are days when standing still is essential for a healing process. Seth is so correct are a strong artist with a strong spirit. Imagine and Live in Peace...see the healing light and rest. I love you. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  27. Karin, how I wish I could kiss the joints in your wrists and hands, somehow absorb the green nausea in the pit of your stomach. I see your collages and your targets, and I can actually feel the gut wrenching pain and the anger and emotions seeping through me. You are amongst the most expressive and evocative artists I know. Incredibly powerful and significant images. I am in awe over your ability to put your soul into your creations.

    I hope you are doing better. I hope you are spending more time in that gorgeous garden of yours. How you manage to keep it thriving despite the heat is a testament to your green thumb!

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I will lurk from time to time, but for now, I want to wish you a beautiful and rejuvenating summer. Be well!


  28. So happy to see that you have spent some time in your garden, breathing in the healing colors, light and fragrance the earth's bounty has to offer. This has been a year of much difficulty in artmaking for me too as you photography has been my isn't the same, but I think it helps me to see the world around me a bit drawing and painting and collaging do...each way of looking opens us to deeper knowing.

    I hope you are not in too much pain today and that you find moments of tranquility throughout the day.

    gentle steps,

  29. I had this strange and sudden urge to come visit you- a nudging from the universe- except it seemed more like a poking. Then, before I could pull you up, I got scared that something was wrong and that is why you were placed on my heart.
    Instead, it was to take your peaceful walk with you through your garden and be blown away by your drawings of the hand.
    I'm so glad you're okay and still loving the world enough to share yourself.. even if it's not every day.

  30. This blogpost prompts one to ask, does anyone ever consciously know where anything is actually leading?

    If one lives in the now moment, then the future does not matter. To savor where we are is what makes existence truly exhilarating.

    Love the lush garden images and multi-sensual journey you invite readers to embark upon. Love and blessings to you, come what may:)

  31. karin, you are visiting me just now, as i write this. i always welcome hearing from you.

    those skeletons: maybe you should pull out your feathers and markers and fabrics and doll them up. they need serious uplifts, doncha think?! let me help name them!!!

    it is so sweet of you to share the beauty of your garden as you wrestle with this horrible pain. BEGONE, damn it!

    what can i do? is there anything i can do?


  32. Karin!!! Just poopping by quickly to say hello. I have not even read the post yet but just want to let you know that I think of you. I shal be return and read, interesting images!!! I will find time to read tomorrow, maybe a wonderful break from the daunting task of writing my annual evaluation! Tomorrow! Tsup!!!

    Keep cool! Gotta go! Tsup!

  33. Oh goodness, I did not proof-read and I sound so illiterate. TSUP!

  34. ACK!!! Pooping?!!! Sorry!!! I am pooped out but I was on the way to the restroom when I received your comment and I said to myself "
    Now why in the world would she say pooping?" And then I remembered I said popping by but may have mistyped it. ACK! Okay I will read this post when I get home. TSUP!!! Sorry! I promise and assure you I do not poop by. Okay small keypad here and I am blind as a bat. Tsup!

    Ps I was scrolling down to the comment box but I swore I saw Bella's head! Sure enough! Okay. Hiho to home I go.

  35. Hah! I read the post!

    I still think you should be in a journaling book.

    Karin, I saw you wearing a splint while working on the targets. I remember you advising me to rest my hands when I had carpal tunnel syndrome, I don't know what to say. I mean what do you do. You have to use your hands. So just take care, okay? TSUP!.

  36. Hi Karen,
    Yep, the colors of your garden are beautiful, and it was neat to see photos of the bees & butterflies. I think of sometimes when I want to whine to myself about migraines or a hurt back. I hope all the healthy thoughts I think your way reach you & help. The faces in the journal pages are a little scary but so imaginative. Off to look at Connie's blog. Thanks for the info on that.
    Happy days, Joanie

  37. I have fallen in love with your journal. I find it incredibly interesting the way you use collage and manipulate it with color and pencil drawings. I love the contrast of your beautiful lively and cheerful garden with the darker, deeper drawings in your journal. I especially love the fact that you said you were taking a walk in your beautiful garden, went back inside to draw in your journal and created life on paper from a different perspective; human life, or even death. I love that your surroundings (although beautiful) are not depicted that much in your artistic journal. You are utilizing images of X-rays, and skeletal body parts to create an intriguing view on the face and the eyes. You have inspired a great deal of questions related to new and ambiguous art forms . Please continue to inform us on your journal progress.

  38. Karin,
    I was just thinking about you and wanted to know you are in my thoughts..I have not been posting my self because of health and home reasons..If you ever need someone to talk to or share with I am always here.

  39. One perspective is that everything we experience is an invitation to stop judging, to stop focusing on the future where fear and worries come into being. To remember how it feels to be part of a beautiful creative process means you experience things now. Nobody needs to struggle to be any different than they are. Notice how much we can detach from polarities, stop viewing things in terms of winning and losing, pressure or struggle to heal. The path is easy for those who do not judge, who have no preferences.

    Another approach is to choose to feel real freedom. Imagine how it feels to be in the presence of someone who does not judge. Imagine how it feels to stop judging the state of mind or being of self. Recall peace within and know the essence of being is always healed. To abandon the idea or perception of judging is to be accept self at every step of the journey of remembering your core essence, inner balance and harmony.


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