Thursday, December 10

December 10 & Holiday Giving!!

Sometimes it just feels right to be a bit pissed off.

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I haven't been around because I really haven't felt good. While the news that cancer hasn't spread to my lymph nodes was really good, I struggled to feel the elation I knew I should, because I've been hurting so dang much. It's the in my face stuff that makes it a challenge.

I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon today, and he was able to explain why the pain and swelling have been so intense - quite a bit of internal bleeding. He wanted to know if I got hit in the chest, which I did not. So the healing process will be a little slower than expected, and also quite a bit more uncomfortable. This also means a delay before radiation treatment can begin. Can't say I'm too upset about that, at least. The silver lining?! I'll take it as such!!

The best way to get over being a bit pissed off,
or feel sorry for one's self,
is to give of one's self...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you everyone,
for all your thoughtful messages and healing vibes -
they've been coming through loud and clear and mean so much to me!

And as a way of saying thanks
I'm offering a little holiday give-away :)

It wouldn't be a *holiday* gift if there weren't the element of surprise to the contents, so I won't divulge the all of the contents, but included will be one of my ornaments. Made with elements of recycling and hardware; from bottle caps to washers, along with a fair amount of bling, these are fun for a Christmas tree, or for catching light and adding sparkle to your environ year round!

Just leave a comment here before Midnight EST,
Friday, December 18th and I'll add you to the drawing,
which will take place the following day, Saturday, and I'll send it off to you as soon as I get your mailing info - hopefully in time for tree hanging, if you are of the tree decorating persuasion!
Good luck!!


  1. Glad to hear the good news, and that you're back, though sorry to hear about all the pain.

    It may not be the most Christmassy message, but, as Joe Strummer sang (with the Clash): "let fury have the hour, anger can be power, know that you can use it."

  2. sorry to ear that you did not feel good and about your pain
    i actually feel like yelling and be pissed off about work, emotional reason and lots of others that everyone have to face in life
    thanks for your powerfull blog
    and i think of you even if i dont know you

  3. I'm so glad that the cancer hadn't spread! But so sorry to read about your pain.....i hope it isn't aching anymore or at least lesser today.
    Take care, my thoughts are with you.
    Sweet greetz!

    (There's also a give-away on my blog)

  4. I see you are feeling that "intensity" big time, Miraculous Karin ! I think you should get pissed off and rant and let it out - far better than to keep it inside, and sometimes it is just what we humans need to do to get to the other side of it. And I know once it has been expressed, you will get to that forgiveness place that you always get to - the incredible, powerful, loving being that you are.
    More deep breaths, more prayers, more deep breaths, more prayers...we shall get there...

    (These ornaments are a complete joy !!! I would love to have one to grace my tree ! Thanks for the chance to win...the perfect time for a giveaway too, lovely, wise One !)
    Big big love to you.

  5. Phew, what a relief, I've been on tenterhooks waiting to hear how it went. And back you come with something as powerful as this image. Yeah, be pissed off - a friend of mine used to blow up a load of balloons and then stab them all with a knife. A bit drastic perhaps but very therapeutic. Lots of love and prayers for the pain.

  6. What took you so long,girl? Bury your head in a pillow (or not) and scream and shout and let it all out. Phew you've certainly earned the right to object strongly to all the pain you've experienced over the last how-many years. Its a means of cleansing the system of all the jagged bits so that your healing will have a smooth journey. Sending love and love and more love.

    P.S Thanks so much for a chance to win exciting handmade festive surprises.

  7. interesting comment from the doctor... I mean metaphysically, you DID take a hit to the chest... but they don't really see the obvious sometimes. sorry you are in pain again. all is well always and I will keep up my visualizations for you and know that this is all just a distant memory... ciao, ciao, bella...

  8. You are right giving is the best way to get out of ourselves.

    Especially if the person you are giving to is me.

    Love them Karin and please feel better soon.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  9. meee meeee, pick me (arm raised, waving in the air:)

    I love your ornaments!!

    You kind of did get hit in the chest - just how sensitive were those hands with the wire? You have every right to be really angry, though you're right, getting outside oneself or giving or leaving nice comments on friends' blogs, so many ways to go outward. keep me posted!

  10. So sorry you're having so much pain. Be gentle with yourself.
    Hoping for your continued healing, and lovin' your creativity.

  11. Thinking about you, Karin, and sending healing thoughts and love. xx

  12. Soooo goood to see your post today Karin have been checking in daily to hear from you : ) my thoughts and prayers have been with you all the way, sorry to hear of your further discomfort, I'll keep up the prayers !! Merry Christmas to you and yours and lots and lots of healing love : )
    Your holiday ornaments sound sooo exciting, happiness to who/those who win them !!!!
    Blessings - Sandra in AZ

  13. Would love to win one but most of all glad you are ok-ish. Also I will be using your idea for our breast cancer tree in the fall next year. So thanks for that as well- I feel given to! Stay strong and artful- you rock!

  14. So glad the news is good, so sad about the pain. You have every right to rant and feel pissed off.
    I love your ornaments but are you well enough for a give away?

  15. I'm so sorry to hear you've had pain beyond expectations with your tests. Sending healing thoughts.

    I have a friend who I admire so much. She had a double mastectomy years ago and lived through it to run round the fields every weekend sabotaging hunts. That take serious energy and feist! She motivated all of the women in her healing group to turn to a vegan diet as an aid to boost healing. There are certain vegetables hat eaten raw have anti carciogenic properties such as broccoli and brussel sprouts. I think Kylie Minogue used a lot of alternative remedies and principles to assist her fight against cancer (different source of cancer).

    I'm always impressed by how well you paint the physical emotions/sensations.

    Wishing you peace xxx

  16. Amen to the Clash Jay -thanks for that great quote! I have never shied away from anger - it has definitely been my fuel through the years!!

    Hi Valerie, well I hope you can yell, dance, and let it out!! Moving that emotion through is the best way I know to get to a better place with my emotional state. Especially when it comes to something that we may not be able to change, like a job! Thank you for thinking of me :)

    Thanks for the heads up on your give away Momo Luna :) and thank you for your sweet greetz!! xox

    Ha!! Yeah, I am feeling the intensity Kim - on a bunch of levels. I agree - keeping the emotions moving is really good and cleansing, for spirit and bod! Love to you, too!

    Oh, sorry for leaving you hanging Whitney_Anne, and thank you for your concern and prayers. I love the blasting balloons idea! Sounds effective. I have a friend that smashes old dishes, outside of course! That could be fun, and taking a step further, then the shards could be transformed into mosaics!! hmmmm :) love, K

    lol, well I can't say I haven't felt anger before now, but it was especially strong this day, as I saw another holiday season approach with me feeling myself a bit on the side lines unable to play the way I'd like to. wah!! thank you Robyn, blessings and love, to you, too!

    Very true Cat, though having been through a lumpectomy before, I knew what he meant - this has been way different, and didn't happen till 2 days after the surgery... still, a hit it has been indeed! xox

    hee - yes especially for you Renee :) You know how to make me laugh! mucho love my friend, k

    Thanks Patti!! Yeah, the wire did hurt as it poked muscle and nerves for those 5 hours! the old insult to injury syndrome! xo

    Thank you Susan, and Carol Anne - your healing thoughts and care are a boost to my spirit.xoxo

    Thank you for your faithful checking Sandra, I'm touched! Happiest holidays to you in Tucson, too!! xo

    Thank you Linda Sue - I am coming along okayishly well :) I have to admit I'm confused about the breast cancer tree idea though - was that me, and what was the idea?!? I'm drawing a complete blank!

    Thank you for your concern Penny, yeah, a give away will be fun for me, and takes my mind off other things! Having done a couple others, I know it won't be too hard ;0

    Hi Jasmine, thank you. Your friend sounds like a wonderful fire ball! How did she sabotage the hunts? I LOVE her for that!! I'm with her on the diet and alternative healing options. I've been vegan for 20 years now, actually went veggie before any of my health stuff kicked in. Broccoli is pretty much a daily staple in my salads :) and alternative therapies have been high in my health regime as well. I have a feeling I'd be singing a whole different tune in my life without the assistance of those tools! xox K

  17. Karin ... your creativity knows no bounds! I'm amazed with your ornaments. I'm always gob-smacked at people whose design-minds put this together with that and presto! ~ something beautiful :-)

    Dear heart, Life is doing the same with your body as you recover from both the cancer and the injuries inflicted through surgery -- the paradoxical injuries that were made in order to stop the disease in its tracks ... La Dolce Vita got it right on re: the "hit to the chest" ... the injury has occurred on many levels. Be kind to your pain, OK? It never fails to carry a message ...

    (Gads, listen to me harping on here ... me, who denies, denies, *denies* her own pain ... Are we creatures of unending paradox, or what!?) ;-D

    Loving you xoxoxox
    Be well xoxoxoxoxo

    Renee ... you crack me up! ;-D

  18. It's good that you have an outlet for your anger rather than it consuming you. Early last year I had ruptured ovarian cysts, which wasn't too painful in itself but had a post op infection which was much worse than the pain of the rupture. I am still living with that pain on a daily basis, and I get angry and upset at myself, often feeling useless. Stupid I know, but it is frustrating, because I'm limited to what I can do physically. I hate living like this, and I hate the constant medication. Before I started painting I found myself crying a lot but thankfully my painting is a good outlet for me. I hope you get over your pain quickly, then you can get back to a normal life.

  19. Oh to have 1/10 of your creativity, Karin! LOVE these.

    Blanketing you in healing Light and Love.

    Not The Clash but...

    ♫ Pain pain, go away...don't even think about hanging 'round for another day ♫

  20. Been praying for ya hun, Wishing ya a Joyous Christmas.Interesting bottle cap ornaments, I'm intriqued with them.Shredded Wheat Journal is a good way to recycle. I like re-using items. I hope all continues to go well. Biggest Hugs~Poe

  21. my prayers are with you... and so is my love. these would also look really good on our charlie brown tree:)

  22. Sorry for confusing you, Funny , because , from you posts, I feel that we have known each other forever and you know everything...Anyway, every year the Blue Horse gallery has a breast cancer awareness show, non juried so that anyone who has something to express artistically is able to. My friend, Stella, is the director- she has had BC twice.
    Next year we will have a tree with ornaments made by survivors or those who care- the ornaments will be for sale to fund the next years show.

  23. Karin,
    I am so glad to hear about the cancer. I hope the pain will go away and you can enjoy the peace and quite of your self..You are so creative and full of goodness.
    I love the journal out of the cereal box..Please include me...

  24. Prayers for healing and less pain...hope you'll be feeling better soon. Grateful to read your blog and see your work.

  25. :( so sorry to hear that you've been in so much pain. I wish I could make it all go away.

    you're in my thoughts. going to try to get my little package to you this week!

  26. Wishing you even more speedy healing thoughts. And how generous to host the giveaway. Thank you! Sign me up!

  27. I thought it was too late to sign up, but it seems that I have the dates wrong...must be TIME coming to get revenge! ;~)

  28. Found your colorful mouthwatering blog via Seth's blog - loved your tar paper book and happy to find another artist who doesn't keep secrets~! And then a giveaway to boot!
    Thanks so much. I've joined up as a follower and look forward to more!

  29. THe GIVER of all things is smiling down on you as you give lovelies out into the world during your own famine.

  30. Dearest Karin, you beautiful, generous soul. I'm happy to hear the good news, but how I wish I could take away the pain and swelling, take away the cancer. Your expressive art is absolutely fantastic. And these ornaments are dazzling! I'm glad you keep on creating. Sending you lots of love and healing prayers.

  31. Dear Karin,
    I have just found your amazing blog today...I can't take it all in in one bite...I will just have to keep coming back again and again!

    I will keep you in my prayers...

  32. love the ornaments, I tried all sorts of homemade ornaments this year. Its such fun and such a delight to look at your tree and know you made most of them.


  33. Thanks for everyones great messages! I'm looking forward to putting this little goody package together :)
    xox Karin

  34. Hi Karin, I am so sorry your are hurting this way, and I totally get why you would be pissed off about it! But I love the positive spin you are putting on it and how you are taking action to ease your spirit.
    xoxo lulu
    p.s. Your ornaments are full of joy and whimsy, not to mention beautiful!

  35. Healing can be such a long slow process at times Karin...but it happens...that's the important with that in mind each day...and also remember that there are many forms of to others is a great way to jump start the process...opening your heart allows all kinds of good energy to flow!


  36. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  37. Hi, I just stumbled upon you blog through another blog and find your pictures very inspiring. The colours are so beautiful! Thank you! I've signed up straight away!

  38. sending you ganesha vibes, smiles, kisses and hugs and thoughts of chocolate, which is the only thing that is getting me through the last days of school before break!!!

  39. thanks for your raw emotions and honesty. good to know there are real people ;) my thoughts are with you as you move on with your journey.

  40. I'm wishing for you relief from the pain - Sending positive healing thoughts your way.
    Take care of YOU!

  41. I hope I'm not too late, I would love to win anything you create!
    I do wish you all the best Karin, this piece is amazing and its ok to be pissed off. We are always expected to just go on being strong as if nothing affects us. Its ok, be pissed off all you want. I also love the artwork posted today with all the Arabic..:-).
    We have a simple prayer in Arabic, which I also shared with Renee:
    اللهم يسر ولا تعسر
    Which roughly translates to 'please God smooth our path and remove obsticles' .. it's like a mantra that can be repeated using prayer beads.
    (BTW - when I saw Bambi the first time, I cried!).


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