Friday, September 18

Energy Flow!

The other day when I tried to sit down to meditate my body was zinging with energy.
I have a few tricks I use to channel that energy,
including a shaking or vibrating exercise I learned years ago in yoga class.
A few minutes of that usually gets all my cells aligned
and the energy flowing in unison,
which brings this kind of imagery for me.

I thought I'd document and deconstruct the layered process
that gets me to the final product for you.
click for detail

I started with gesso, a sketch, and stitching.

Then I recoat with gesso, which I forgot to photograph!

Next came a coat of a mixture of Raw Sienna and Aurelin hue, which I painted in and rubbed out.

I followed that with Ultramarine Blue hue,
covering the stitches
and then covered that with Process Cyan.
Again, painting on and rubbing off.

Next came Cadmium Red Deep Hue,

followed by Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold.

To separate the inner area (around the body), from the outer (outside the stitching), I darkened the outer with Raw Umber, and then I used rubbing alcohol to remove some of the paint from the stitching.
For those that don't know, rubbing alcohol works as a solvent for acrylic paint, and removes it beautifully.

I finished up with Pthalo Turquoise, over the areas that I had rubbed out with the alcohol, and this is the final piece!


  1. Gorgeous as always ... I'm so glad you've been zinging with energy today! I have, too ... My sweet man and I are puppy-sitting this weekend ... bow wow! :-)


    P.S. Thanks so much for responding to my question :-)

  2. I have been exclaiming out loud through this post of yours- I scared the pup and the cat shot out the door! So fabulous so amazing- I LOVE that you broke it down so well- I sort of get it- you are such a genius OMG!I bow down and kiss the hem of your garment- REALLY -LOVE this! You just keep outdoing yourself- I thought my orgasm over the scribe chairs was pretty intense but THIS! there you go again...OMG!

  3. OHHHH I love it and of course I especially love the sewing it looks like a better day for you today from here at least!

  4. Thanks Jaliya, ohhh puppy love certainly is big energy!! and you're welcome ;-)

    Linda Sue you made me laugh out loud! too funny, thank you!

    Thanks Deb, I think this gorgeous fall weather we're having helps - was a few days of work. The sewing is a bit tough on my hand, but I love the way it looks so much!

  5. I love watching the process. I love the final most of all. I hope your day is peaceful and blessed.

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed following your process. This piece is singing! Glorious colours and I'm a huge fan of the stitching you are now adding to your work. So happy you are feeling the energy! (something I could do with:-)

  7. Well once again the first response I feel is YUM!!! Simply YUM!!! and to be walked through your process is like being invited to stay with you for dessert. YUM YUM!!

  8. what i would give just hang around with you for a day. this was a wonderful little art lesson.

  9. I always love seeing the process! it is so important to share it, it explains how much goes into the work we do! love this piece too, it is awesome and it is great to see you in the flow! ciao, ciao amico! xo

  10. Thanks for sharing your thought and creation process. The textures and colors of this are wonderful. I love the textile meridian flows. Really a wonderful creation. You keep me coming back again and again.

  11. beautiful, beautiful! and the stitching is the cherry on top -- so rich! so smile making! i can *feel* it!


  12. The process of shedding layers of energy parallels unburdening thoughts and feelings you outgrow. It is an incredible gift to channel creative energy as you do. It enriches the world and empowers them to heal from within as they develop inner sight. SO greateful to connect with you on many levels. You invite awakening of timeless, inner wisdom in others. Blessings & healing 2U!

  13. Wow, great piece and thanks for being so generous with your instructions and photos.
    Hope you continue to feel energised!

  14. Thanks for walking us step by step through your process. I love seeing how other artists work. A beautiful piece my friend!

  15. What a great technique, Karin; I’d forgotten about rubbing alcohol. I love the resulting painting and bet the texture with the stitches is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I agree - it is fun to know how artists do their thing! So glad everyone enjoyed seeing the process. I think of sharing it often, but usually it's when I'm half way done, and without a camera near by :)

  17. I love this one. Your blog always inspires me to try new things in my art.

  18. Karin, I just love this piece- I keep coming back to look at it again. What you did with the stitching is great, and thank you so much for sharing your process. One question- do you use acrylic paint? I'm assuming so because it doesn't look like you had to wait long for it to dry. Also, what is the substrate? Oops, I guess that's actually two questions! Anyway, I really love it!

  19. p.s. This piece also reminded me that I need to meditate more! Thank you once again.

  20. Karin I just adore what you do with these stitching pictures.

    Love Renee xoxo


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