Tuesday, April 21

April 20

Simple need for color and pattern :)

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  1. Simple?

    It's beautiful.

    It's inticate.

    I can imagine you creating this. Your mind must be tickled and your heart must be full.

    It bounces and twirls and affects me positively.

  2. Oh this keyboard is ruining my poetic mood. "intricate:, intricate! Sheesh!

  3. Beautiful color and pattern ! Especially gorgeous and so welcome on my grey, rainy, "had a lovely weekend but now family is far away" morning. Thanks for the light, Beautiful Karin !

  4. Not much simple going on here?! Beautiful!

  5. Lovely mandala. Great color too.

  6. Hi Karin,
    Renee told me I should check out your blog! I'm glad I did! Love your work! I'm chuckling about your ever expanding journal because I just blogged about that this morning!!


  7. well, the need was simple - the image got a little more complicated :)
    I actually read it as Intricate Cess - had to go back to see that you had a typo! The brain is good that way - filling in our blanks :) thank you for your poetic words, and creating it did bring me joy.

    Hi Kim - exactly! that's why I was drawn to these colors - it poured, thundered, and the wind blew wildly yesterday! glad it warmed your grey day :)

    Thank you Patti and Carmen :)

    Hi Manon, so glad Renee sent you by. I really enjoyed visiting your blog, and seeing your bulging journal!

  8. Oh my, oh my! I've just found you through a mutual follower! As a mixed media artist and librarian, I fully approve of what you are doing to old library books, lol! The journal on your last posting could eventually be a 360 degrees book, I reckon. How would you shelve it??? Lol!!

  9. oohhh, can't wait to see this one in person. computers (even macs) just don't do color justice. i would love to come for a visit soon - to show you the movie, see your journal, get/give hugs... and to ask you how you would approach the background for a new idea for a series of painting/collages. i need to go out to the art supply store and buy new colors!!! xo

  10. Karin the colours are beautiful.


  11. Wow--that's really beautiful...and that was a really lame non-descriptive comment...I'll try to do better next time...

  12. Such glorious rich colours. A feast for the eyes!


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