Wednesday, April 15

April 14-15

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  1. wow!! karin, this is outstanding!!! gorgeous!

  2. Hi Beautiful Karin,

    This is so very beautiful. I love the view from the side as well, still that reaching...

    Deep breaths and gentle hugs,

  3. So beautiful. This would make a great stained glass.

  4. worth 'the wait'...

    and as always a deep and moving interior view darlin'

  5. Karin the picture is beyond amazing. Oh my God I love it. The detail on the outside in the gold paint.

    I am blown away.

    I have to tell you when I saw root rot that I bust a gut laughing.

    You are a dream artist. One that comes from the skies.

    Love Renee xoxox

  6. these are beautiful pages, they remind me of illuminated manuscripts.
    now i want to go back & look at them again, and then maybe again.
    happy days,

  7. love the hands !!!
    The golden and the branch-like ones

    Once again a Beautiful piece of art

  8. i like the face, an infant's face to me that's reaching up to hold the light within - bringing it to himself

  9. tree dryads dancing and the moon, what more could a Celtic girl long for, beautiful... well that's probably not what you were making, but every tree holds a trixy spirit for me!

  10. Beautiful - rich and full of ambiance. It stirs the senses.

  11. thanks everyone , your words are balm for the soul :)

  12. I LOVE THIS!

    I don't know why but I LOVE IT!

    I think the blue
    I think the face
    the moon
    the trees...


    I love this Karin. Do you make several pieces in one book?

  13. Hi Cess, thank you :) Yes, there are over 200 art filled spreads in this one book so far! nearly everything in my blog is in my one book. I will post a photo of the actual journal as a whole again soon. I've done it a few times along the way, and now it's busting at the seams and I've had to remove the cover to allow it to spread out more! I'm not sure it will survive through my filling it completely, but I'm going to keep going in it.

  14. Hands reaching out...and drawing something/someone back in.. the bend from the elbow makes me think the arms are enveloping. Do you often find that your pages tell you something unexpected when you go back to look at them later? I've been going back to look at the collages I did during an intuitive collage course last year. New revelations.

  15. Wonderful hands! And amazing page overall too!


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