Friday, March 27

Involve Yourself...

     It feels good. It feels good to be part of something. It feels even better to be a part of something that has the intent of making positive change.  It feels even better to be a part of something working towards positive change on a global level.
     How amazing is it that we can do it without spending a penny - not only that, but you'll actually be saving some, but that's the least of what you'll be doing. By joining together with the world community, you'll be sending a message that your home, your planet, is important to you and to those that come after you.  
     So join me, and ask others to join you.  See how many people you can get to join you on your street, neighbor to neighbor - we may not live on Broadway, or in the Empire State building, but you can embrace the darkness where ever you are!


     However before you turn out your lights, check out all the great artistic venues occurring all over the world showcasing the fabulous talents of Women Artists everywhere. Musicians, performers, painters, writers, creators of all modalities will be sharing their wares and ways for SWAN Day!  Also known as Support Women Artist's Now, in case you were wondering. From puppetry to tea parties, rock concerts to poetry readings, there just may be some creative fun happening near you that would be well worth looking into.  So, how do you do that? 
Click SWAN,
find your location, and see what's up.
Let me know if you do participate, enjoy the arts, and the dark!
If you are in Virginia Beach I know one fabulous participant -
my good friend Donna Iona Drozda
lucky VA!!
Have a great weekend 


  1. Karin, I love the Earth Hour video but am too dumb to figure out how to put it on my blog. Oh, well, something else to learn...
    Anyway, I wanted to let you know I nominated you for a lemonade award. I know you don't participate in awards, but I nominated you because to me you exemplify positive attitude and gratitude! Peace.

  2. Hey K
    I send to you all the light that will be harnessed around the globe tomorrow.
    We particpated last year and it truly does feel like being a link in a much larger chain for ultimate planetary good.

    Happy SWAN Day are an artist who I am so thrilled to support soul to soul for lo so many years.

  3. Wishing ya a wonderful weekend. Hugs~


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