Sunday, March 22

An eye for an I...

Okay, I am on my way...

Now that my book is done, I had to get started on it.  
This is the front cover.  I tried to hold back some,
since the idea is that both Lynne and I will be working on
each surface of each page - and that includes the cover!

I know from experience there is still plenty of room for
more to be added here, and it's amazing how there's
 nearly always room for a tweak here or a tweak there.
The search and discovery for what's been added, 
after a few trips back and forth, is half the fun!!

The metal eye piece, in the center of the book,
is a milagro.  I got it either when I was living
in Arizona or from one of my trips into Mexico.  
Milagros are used as prayer offerings, but also as 
a talisman or amulet for protection and good luck.
I added the glass set third eye for added insight ;-)

you may click on images for closer view


  1. I LOVE it! It's like ET at Mardi Gras. :D

  2. woo! i love it karin!! this is so *exciting*!!! : ) xxoo

  3. What a beautiful beginning to this shared project! I also enjoyed the learning - I had never heard of the 'milagro'. So interesting, and the third eye - 'insightful'!

  4. Spectacular. What a great start to this collaboration!

  5. Love the contrast between the painting and the metal. And the third eye , of course !!!

    Beautiful cover !!!

  6. I am so digging this. You and Lynne are going to do such a kick ass job it is not funny.

    I see a person.

    Karin, outstanding.


    Love Renee xoxox

  7. Wow, I love it. contrast between metal and background is magical and mesmorizing. The symbolism is intriguing. Thanks for sharing the deeper meaning. I love the writing around it, "an eye for an eye". A front cover to a book that is "eye-popping". I keep coming back to look at it over and over again.
    I like the flowery design in white that serves as a great bridge for the metal eyes. Is that a lotus?

  8. delicious...your work often makes me hungry for MORE!! I guess with this collaboration I can look forward to one scrumptious serving after another.
    beauty-full birth.

  9. Gosh! How absolutely beautiful - it becomes more and more a treasure to savour and wonder at.

  10. ET! now I never would have thought of that!! too funny, thanks EarthMother.

    I know Lynne - it's crazy exciting! can't wait to see your updates, once your computer woes are resolved!

    Ah, milagros are wonderful charms to work with Sonia - I'm betting you would love them!

    Thank you Seth, Maria and Renee!

    Yes Bev, that's my version of a lotus like flower :)

    Thanks Donna! I am going to have to control myself - I am wanting to keep focused only on this project, but I have a nearing deadline on that donation piece that I need to put some time into...

    thank you Tessa :)
    thanks to all!

  11. There is so much on this cover that is grasping my attention. You have a wonderful, artist's imagination.


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