Sunday, February 1

Sketchbook Project

I've learned that I'm only able to work on one thing at a time.  I didn't used to be this way, but I've had to accept - it's how I roll these days!  So, for the past few days the work that I have been doing has been preparing my sketchbook, a small moleskin cardboard covered blank journal, for the Sketchbook Project.
That has meant gluing some pages together, gessoing, laying down a first coat of color and sanding each page to get the surface where I like it.
Now I'm ready to begin doing the fun stuff!  
The theme for these books is "Everyone We Know", to be interpreted anyway we choose.
You can find some other artist's submissions to the theme here: Sketchbook Project Volume 3
and this is my start (click on images for better view)...
The writing in the background reads:
the world goes around, for everyone we know,
     another story told, for everyone we know,
a visionary lives, in everyone we know,
     another dream is dreamed, by everyone we know,
another tear is shed, by everyone we know,
     another laugh is heard, by everyone we know,
another loss is felt, by everyone we know,
     something new was learned, by everyone we know,
another meal is shared, by everyone we know,
     abandonment is felt, by everyone we know,
a sacrifice is made, by everyone we know
     a healing occurs, in everyone we know,
mistakes are made, by everyone we know,
     forgiveness happens, for everyone we know,
hunger is felt, by everyone we know,
     another song is sung, by everyone we know,
another job well done, by everyone we know,
     another hand is held, by everyone we know,
another laid to rest, by everyone we know.

I'll be posting my progress in lieu of my journal, until I finish with this project.


  1. I'm starting to use some of your process in my graphic novel work.

    Thanks for sharing your process it's been very helpful.

  2. Have Fun with your new project Karin !!!

  3. Okay first off this is amazing. It is so much better when you blow up the picture.

    When I got to the quote on the body of a beautiful journey I started crying immediately. You and your work always does a number on me.

    Karin it is wonderful and exactly what I have come to suspect from you. Thank you for making me feel.

    Love someone who admires you. xoxo


  4. Now that creepy bird with the human eyes- that's the coolest thing I've seen for a long time!!

  5. deep sigh here, karin... this inspires me and refreshes me. and of course the colors make my eyes very happy. xxoo

  6. That's great Robert- Have you posted any of it? and if so - which of your blogs? (I'm thinking you're referring to the asemic writing process, right?

    Oh I am, thanks Maria!

    Thanks Renee - yes, getting to see the images close up really helps get the details! I am moved by your words and openness, and humbled.....

    Thanks Peggy - he cracked me up as he appeared!

    Hi Lynne, many thanks my friend :)
    hugs to all! Karin


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