Sunday, February 22

book bound

I just didn't feel like working in my journal today,
but I did feel like making something.
I love being able to take a few sheets of paper, some string and a needle,
and not long later having a book to hold in my hands.
In terms of art, it's practically instant gratification!

The covers are made from paste papers I did a when I was teaching a mixed media class. For those of you that don't know what paste papers are, it's basically finger painting for adults - a whole lot of fun! I collaged in paper torn from an old book and some joss papers. A couple of sites with recipes and instructions can be found here and here.

Not the best of photos, with bad lighting, but you get the idea.
Click on any for closer view.

The book is 6"x6", waxed linen stitched...


  1. love the stitching- I made a book one time with fancy stitches- It was the ONLY one I have ever done-not likely to repeat- so difficult.
    I admire your work so much- you are a MIRACLE! I am all ga-ga.

  2. woo! i love this, karin!! how many pages are in each signature? it's really, really gorgeous... xo

  3. Thanks Linda Sue! You made it through the hardest part of a new stitch - the first time! It really does come easier with each one that follows, though I have to admit - I'm paying today My hands are not happy about the labor! (What kind of pie is cooling on the sill today?!)

    Hey lynne, thank you. Each signature has three sheets of 90 lb multi purpose vellum, and there are 11 signatures. I made 12, but forgot to put one in!

  4. This is incredible.

    But I have to say 'I am fucking rocking it, beause now there are four of us that I want at the cottage, all in a row.'

    Now if Laurel or Tessa write behind me than it is a sealed deal -- off to South Carolina and the cottage we go.

    I love you little poem about L and I think that it was flow sin and it was telling us that at the cottage we might see some little sins flow in.

    Love our dream and love you.


  5. Oh, how lovely that is! Karin, in terms of art, it's perfection!

    Okay, I'm packing my easel and paints, a bottle or three of the good grape and, most definitely, one of Karin's simply stunning journals so's I can write (and paint) all about the life and times of that cottage in South Carolina!

    Thank you Renee, for introducing me to Karin and her blog of Wondrousness.

  6. Yes, Karin is magnificent.

    How are you feeling babe?

    Love Renee

  7. The whole magnificent crew is here :) Welcome Tessa. For some reason I didn't get any email informing me your comment was here...
    I've been laying low Renee, quietly stitching for my journal. Time to wrap up and meet you all in dreamland!


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