Saturday, January 3

January 2-3

door closed...

door opened...

inside door

& behind door detail


  1. hi karin,
    i know that you are going through a hard time, but i really love these pages... especially the "inner transformation" quote. it really resonates with what i was reading today (best buddhist writing 07 shambala sun)... wishing you some ease with the pain and some light with the darkness. love, j

  2. hi karin, i really like the inner transformation quote, too... this is very clear to me now. there's no skipping over the mental, emotional, and physical, and going straight to nirvana (not that i didn't try to cut right to the chase for years : ). i also love the door, and 'plowing through'... and the colors of course. xo

  3. thanks for your presence with me here,

  4. I love the Nok sculpture on the Secret Life page. There is a lot of mystery around these pieces.


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