Wednesday, December 31

December 31

... and much late night frustration, triggered by an uncooperative computer!  Thankfully, I finally figured out how to get my scanner to communicate with my upgraded, incompatible, Leopard OS (nice of Apple to sell these conflicting components) to get these pages uploaded, well into the new year - so Happy New Year!!

My brain is mostly pounding in a fog now, but before I go I've been asked to pass on a link to a blog that has taken time to write a bit about me, where I share some of my experience with pain and working with creativity.
Jasmine Ann posted this on her blog Life with my pet back. She writes with grace and humor ("pet" back?!), sharing lots of valuable information for those that suffer, as one who has been through it and made great strides herself.  She begins her story here...

I want to thank you all, who have become my friends and supporters here through journaling and blogging my art over these past 5 months of 2008.  It's been a gratifying, challenging, surprising, and inspiring period of living.
May 2009 bring some of the same, and less of some other - health, well being, and much wonder to all.
~ Karin


  1. Happy New Year, Karin !

    I haven't been around in blogland for a little while - just hasn't been fitting in my holiday schedule much ! And then I see all the catching up I have to do and get overwhelmed !

    I did want to take the time this morning to wish some loving wishes for my special friends out there. I don't have a clear vision of what 2009 holds for us, but I am wishing for clarity, tenderness, and wellness to fill all of us so we can rise up to face its challenges.

    Lots of love on this new day!

  2. MS K
    THANK YOU!! For the grace, courage and beauty that you have been moved to create through this are a teacher for any of us who would like to remember that pain is a part of life but suffering is optional...your spirit is soooo well, so filled with health and so awake to wonder.

  3. Karin,
    I loved your "magical in its imperfection".

    Those days, I'm clueing my blog entries and forming "kind of" a book. I noticed typos, wrong words and other kinds of mistakes. BUT those imperfections didn't reduce the magic of my *book*. Same with my life during the last year.

    Wish you a Magic New Year

  4. happy new year karin!!
    another beautiful post. i read jasmin's post. so sorry to hear of your back pain.(: chronic pain is something i have not experienced, but have friends who have. not fun. stay strong.:)

  5. Happy new year Kim, yes, I noticed your absence from the blog-o-sphere! good to be welcomed into the new year with your words - thank you!

    merci D, for your example of grace, bravery, being fully your artist soul, and so much more over these years of much valued and beloved friendship.

    Horse & moon, the writing you do is wonderful poetry, especially as english is your second language - I find that very courageous. I love that you are making a book of it! What a wonderful project to kick off the new year!!

    Thank you Mary, No, the chronic pain stuff is not fun, but I must admit, it has delivered a number of valuable things along the way. I certainly would not have started this journal if I were not confined physically, and searching for a small way to express myself. Nor would I have started a blog - of that I am sure! So, through the suffering much has been gained, and for those things I am grateful.

    Much gratitude for you all, and wishes for peace and wholeness in the new year,

  6. beautiful!
    happy new year!!
    you always capture so much in your the colour scheme in this and your very poignant words :D

  7. Mmmm, I would frame this one!

    Rediscovering you – in cyberspace, no less – after all these many years, has been such a blessing. I am fascinated by your process and in awe of your creations.

    Wishing you a bright and beautiful new year, Karin.

  8. karin, you always seem to choose the right words -- words that are perfect for me, lol!! i so love these pages, as i love all of your pages. they speak to me... they're real. they're true. thank you for being you...

    here's to truth, love, and beauty in this new year... xxoo

  9. Thank you Caf, may the new year bring you healing wellness and much creative inspiration to your artistic soul.

    I was literally thinking about you, E.M., 30 seconds before seeing your comment pop onto my blog! Thank you for your many thoughtful insights here, and supportive presence. a healthful, joyous new year to you!

    likewise, Lynne! Your imagery and messages always make a direct hit for me as well - so grateful to have made our connection. A wondrous wonderful new year to you,

  10. Oh such beautiful spiritual pages! I admire how philosophical you are in the face of adversity, Karin. It would be so easy to become bitter. Jasmine's blog certainly makes me pause and count my blessings.

    Everything of the best for 2009 and prayers for a breakthrough regarding your pain.

  11. Thank you Robyn,
    I can get ugly in it all (I have my moments!), but I keep my perspective by seeing how many suffer in far greater ways than I do, and I have much to be grateful for as I, too, count my blessings...


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