Wednesday, November 12

November 12

and here's the stamp I carved for the above pages - which is much more interesting on a blank piece of white paper, and way less successful over writing and water color!  Such is the way it goes sometimes, but I thought you might like to see what the heck I was attempting to portray!


  1. I think the end result was quite lovely
    -Caf xx

  2. welcome back my bloggin friend! i LOOOVVVE the new pages:) when did you carve that stamp??? truly beautiful... reminds me of the ocean and my heart opening wide... i've been looking through my old work, getting ready for the studio sale... hope it allllllllll sells.... need to make room for more!
    lots of hugs, j

  3. thanks caf and j,
    I carved the stamp today - in bed:) I should probably post a picture of my little set up here. Bed side art cart, lap table, spreading mess...! getting back into the swing of things.
    good luck at your sale -
    xox K

  4. Utterly beautiful Karin! The colours and textures remind me of the rich soil we have in outback Australia and some northern parts of the country.

    Lovely work, thanks for sharing!

  5. Karin, that is so cool! What do you use as a stamp...I know you've said before, but I can't remember (sieve mind) and all I can picture is one massive eraser!

    I think the outcome was very nice. Love it.

  6. Yes, the stamp material is exactly like a big eraser! I actually use the scraps for just that purpose. It's so soft and nice to carve. It's called "MasterCarve" and is made by Staedtler. I use the same tools you'd use to carve linoleum for printmaking, but this is way easier on the hands. You can ink it with either stamp pads or roll it with ink.

  7. this is scrummyness, almost abergenie australian (spelling is bad today_ know what i mean)

  8. wonderful! ur style so special, i like very much hand-made graphics, colors so delicate, i`m impressed!

  9. I liked the stamp over the colors. There is a lot of depth. It makes for more interest. Beautiful!


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