Saturday, October 18

October 18


  1. While I've been to your blog many times, I'm only now starting to understand your art form.

    I was born on July 25th myself.

  2. Hey Robert, what a fine day the 25th of July is! ;)

    So, you've made me curious- what is this emerging understanding you now have?

  3. Wow. He is a cracker. Whimsy... and then you are hit with the power.

  4. I think with your mixed media collage, you are trying to create a window to your soul. Maybe that is what all artists are trying to do in whatever art form they play in.

    To zom/deedee

    Cracker? In my corner of the world that word isn't very nice to toss at someone. I hope it has a different meaning to you.

  5. Thanks for replying Robert, Yes, that's it - and I think most artists do try to do that on some level, consciously or not.

    I think DeeDee was referring to the guy peering through the trees? and not you, if that's what you were sensing. At least that's how I took it - hope you weren't offended!

    take care, Karin

  6. well nice post indeed


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