Sunday, September 28

September 27


  1. hi karin,
    i love how this one takes the colors you used in the pain from the day before... and transforms them into the cool, peaceful colors in the beautiful butterfly. your blog grounds me. love, j

  2. Thanks J,
    I love that you noticed :)
    peace, K

  3. Gorgeous butterfly, I love the eyes in her wings :)

  4. Very cool...especially the colorful symmetry of it...particularly the purple...
    (yes, yet more evidence of why I'll never make it as a fine arts critic)

  5. when I said I wished I could draw, THIS is what I was talking about... love the butterfly - it's awesome. I've tried the tracing paper, it works!

  6. I never know what image will end up resonating with others, and I wouldn't have guessed that this sweet guy would be one of those images. This was definitely a bit of an escape into simple pleasure piece for me - play with color, line, and a form that symbolizes change and beauty - fleeting and pure... Anyway, thanks for enjoying. And thanks for making me giggle yogaforcynics! I much prefer your comment to critic "art speak" - it was spontaneous and true.
    Patti, so glad the little trick worked :) Now you have to share the results - heh heh.
    xox Karin

  7. Hi, I have only just found your blog and I feel I want to spend more time here, and I just wanted to say that your work is very interesting and lovely and I am really loving this butterfly. Thankyou for sharing with us.


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