Wednesday, September 24

September 24


  1. Karin, what's going on in your write of pain and pressure increasing...(hope you don't mind me asking...)

    Beautiful images and colours :-)

  2. Hi Jaliya,
    Well, since I display myself so publicly via my art, I had to know the question would be asked directly eventually! Like my art, my health stuff is multi layered, and continually presenting me with new material! I have lupus, (which may be what is currently causing a lot of swelling all around my eyes and a severe rash on my limbs, thus the fire and eyes you see recur) as well as a back injury that has led to 2 surgeries. Today I see the surgeon about a likely #3. Seems my blessed body is rejecting the hardware in there...
    Somehow, releasing it all through my art is very healing for me. Thanks for being a witness,

  3. great work of art! i like the blending of hues.

  4. Karin...How did the app't go re: the possible third surgery?

    I'm sorry to read about your illness...and amazed at your creative prowess in the face of pain. I was reading today about traditional Chinese medicine, which stresses a return, despite all, to a basic "harmonic" state...I thought of this when I read the words you included in this collage: "I sing the body's pattern" ...

    Easier said than done, eh? Still we go on, making sense of experience through expression...

    Best to you xo

  5. Hi Jaliya,
    Well, I am going ahead with the surgery. Tentative date is Oct 21. Once all is set I'll write about it, since I'll need to take a break from here, I'll let folks know where I've disappeared to! Hospital stay should be 2-3 nights. Recovery time could vary, depending on what he finds once inside.

    I agree with the Chinese medicine philosophy you describe, and have used some techniques of eastern medicine on my healing journey. Doing my art is one way I get a direct route to true harmony within me - my cells and energy resonate both with the process and to all the colors, and I can separate from pain for a bit of time...
    Thanks for your caring,


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