Monday, September 15

September 15


  1. Hi! Just found you when I clicked on altered books - I have been doing collage and mixed media and art journaling but just book a book to start my 1st altered book - I am excited about getting started - any thoughts to share on the process - I think your work is very powerful and I love your strong images! Kartika

  2. Hi Kartika,
    Thank you. Glad you found me and are delving into the art of the altered book! I wrote a little about some of my process, in response to another question, which you can find in the September 3rd comments, but some other tips to working specifically in an altered book would be:
    ~make sure the pages are thick enough to support everything you do on them! I glue two pages together for each page I work on, in this book. This still allows for the pages to have some flexibility, but they can take my working them over!
    ~use good glue. I use a ph neutral PVA glue that is easy to spread with a paintbrush, archival, strong and easy clean up.
    ~For me it's important to have the book I'm using become a part of the artwork I'm doing on each page. (Why else alter a book?! I could just use a blank sketch book.) For that reason, I've been skipping around as I work on this journal - moving through the book finding pages where the original text has something to do with what I'm laying over it. On occasion I will gesso over everything, and use the pages as a blank slate, but I believe that the work is more powerful when every layer interacts - so I try to find text that I allow to peek through my artwork, and become a part of it's message.
    I hope that helps you get started. If there's anything else I can help with, feel free to ask.


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