Friday, August 29

August 29


  1. i LOVE how you express. So fascinating, there is so much emotion and subtext included...awesome stuff :)

  2. Your blog has left me breathless with wonder. Every page unfolds a mystery...such beauty! I will definitely be subscribing.

  3. Karin,
    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. What a wonderful way to end my first week back at school (I teach high school art). I enjoyed your site....nice work also. It was a joy to look at. I will share it with my AP Students. Nicoled

  4. Thank you all, so much, for your appreciation and encouragement. I'm touched by the responses you've given me, and energized by you all!!
    I especially love the idea that my work will be shared with your students, Nicole. I feel keeping a journal, of any kind, for younger folks can be such a powerful tool in personal growth, self knowing and exploration. If seeing my art helps to foster that process, in anyone else, I will be thrilled!
    gratefully, Karin

  5. This is so goregeous both on the first, more visceral level, and on a deeper level. It's amazing!


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