Wednesday, August 27

August 27


  1. I don't know what part of yourself you reach into to create these magnificent pages. That is the subject of my post today... along with recognition of the blog award you so kindly passed along to me. When you get a chance, visit and make sure I didn't misquote you. It amazes me that you do these every day...

  2. "...and that's no fairy tale," yet the feeling I take from your pages is of ancient stories, creatures just beyond the range of normal sight and possibly riddles to be solved. Thank you for a brief visit to an enchanted place.

  3. thank you so much Patti. Your post is generous and touches me. Part of what keeps me creating these pages daily is knowing there are folks starting to come frequently to see! The other bigger part is that I am fueled by the process. Having been unable to create for a number of months, while recuperating from back and hand surgeries, probably is part of it, too - a dam has finally broken and all that backed up is now pouring out! I gotta run with it...

    Marylinn, yes, I hoped the images would touch that enchanted place you describe. I was playing with the ideas of real/unreal, imagined/experienced, past/present - and asked myself "how make believe are they?" only as real, or unreal, as I allow them to be. I hope to take a little magic with me through out the day.
    Thanks for sharing your observation!


  4. hi karin,
    so rich - this one is just so rich with imagery, deep piercing colors, and feeling. it's like you are channeling cornell - but in a unique bartimole way! yay!!! makes me want to go to my studio, but i'm just too dang tired:)


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