Friday, July 25

July 25:Birthday Beginnings

today is my birthday and I've decided I'm going to try to keep a daily journal again. it's a practice I kept with ease for years, but let lapse and miss. because i have pain in my hands pretty much constantly, some days will be simpler than others - some more wordy, some more visual. i've decided to use a used book i found at a library book sale, in a language i don't know, so it will be an altered book - my first for a journal.


  1. My birthday is July 25th and I plan to start two journals of writing and art for my two grandchildren.

    You have inspired me:)

  2. ~good morning...i stumbled over from ces's blog...i wanted to go back to your beginning and read so this is why i am commenting...i look forward to reading through your posts ...sometimes its hard to start at the most recent post as yuou are left unaware of who or what someone is sharing and going through...journaling is such a freeing gift we can give ourselves...i used to journal for years and then i went through a difficult moment where i was so afraid to put pen to paper as i was afraid of what i would see and what it would took me almost two years to write again and i haven't stopped...l♥ve the altered page idea as a way of expressings your thoughts and creativity...beautiful...anyways sorry that kind of turned out to be a bit of a ramble...warm wishes and brightest blessings~


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