Monday, April 11

shades of gray

This is probably
my favorite kind of weather!

Misty, foggy, hushed...

Mysterious, magical, silvery,

I'm not sure it's all that easy to tell in these photos,
but that's the color I've chosen for my new studio walls.

 click on photos for larger view

A soothing, silvery, gray

It's coming along, slowly but surely!

The painting isn't complete yet,
and there are still bath fixtures and lighting fixtures to be installed,
as well as the built in shelves and work surface,
but it sure is taking shape!


On another note,
I'd like to share about some good works with you.

Sisterfriends Bella Sinclair and Ces Adorio 
have joined forces to bring together their generosity, hope,
and amazing talents in order to help the people of Japan
effected by the tsunami.

I encourage you to visit them
and consider making a donation of $25, or more,
When you do, they will match donations (up to $200)
and gift you with some of their inspiring work.

It's a win win!!


  1. The studio is coming along gloriously! And love the makes the mundane seem so, oh, INCREDIBLE! :-)


  2. your place will be great so soft grey!

  3. Grey is without a doubt my favourite colour and I love your grey exterior and interior. Your studio looks AMAZING. Pen x

  4. Hello Beautiful Lafdy. Your Studio is looking fab. I'm feeling envious. Hope you are feeling well and happy xxJ

  5. I love this gray color. You know what else I love? A gray house with a black door but my husband will have none of that. What a beautiful studio! If it were mine, I will sleep and eat in it. I am afraid my amily will never see me again unless they come up to see me. Hahaha! Thank you for the plug. We started the fundraising last Friday (4 days ago) and the response is tremendous. It's a lot of work but busy fun!

  6. I am in love and awe of your serenity in this color peaceful dear friend. I am so proud of your courage and determination! I wish you Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Your studio is moving along with the forces of nature! I like the way in which you've brought your favorite atmosphere right into the studio. May you have many wonderful hours there, steeped in paint, pastels, ink and soft gray walls.

  8. i love grey days too karin. i feel productive whatever i do on days like that. i stay in, i go out. no ambivalence!

    your studio looks quite awesome. i am super duper happy for you. can't wait to see the colors you paint from that space.


  9. Hey K
    I am so very happy for you and your soft, gray space so soothing and so spacious...imagine the magnificence that will soon be la la.

  10. Progress .... and looking so good!

  11. I agree Anne - that's exactly what fog does :) xoxo K

    thank you Valerie!

    Hi Pen, I had no idea how many people love gray - I'm happy to know it's a favorite to others like you!! xox

    Thanks Jasmine, the closer we get to being done - the better I feel!!

    I know Ces - I think it will be hard to get me down from that perch up high :) I am not at all surprised to hear the response to your fundraiser has been tremendous! Bravo to you!! xox

    Oh, thank you so much Mary Helen!! xoxo

    Yes Hannah, I like that - the forces of nature are infused into the space! Thank you for your wonderful wishes :)

    Thank you kj!! I agree - I feel productive on gray days, too! It's all an easy pace... love, k

    Hi Donna, thank you my friend. I am imagining grand things :) xox

    thank you Robyn!!! xxoo

  12. what a magnificent space, I know that this studio will see many fine creations dear one and your misty day is oh so lovely...

  13. Love your silver gray and WOW to progress. Go girl!

  14. The studio emerges from the misty black and white of winter-- I just know your colorful art will bloom there shortly. Thank you to the link for helping Japan- xo teri

  15. Oh Karin!! It's amazing - love the color and the windows!! The lines and angles - it will be just right - so glad it's progressing, hopefully nicely:)

  16. Hi Karin, good to read you. Wow! Your studio is just coming along perfectly. I agree with Patti about the lines and angles, just right. As for the fog and mist, etc., I love it and love walking in the fog. It doesn't get foggy here any longer. We used to get what they called the "tule" fog, pronounced "TOO LEE" and it was so thick, so very thick you just could not drive in it. It used to come right up to my back door. Awesome, just awesome. Hope your feeling good Karin, I think of you. Take care.

  17. I love the space Karin!! Thanks for your messages....I'll write more to you to do for Passover now....mwah!

  18. looks wonderful! get the beds ready we'll be knocking at the studio door! glad you are feeling more like "it" too!

  19. Your new creative space! Oh my goodness, it's fantastic! I love all the angles and nooks. I love the gray walls and dark wood floors! Do you know, my kitchen is a light shade of gray as well. How exciting!

    And thank you for the shout out, dear Karin. Thank you for your generosity and support!!!! TSUP TSUP TSUP!!!

  20. oh my it is looking wonderful...I can hardly wait till you can create in it.

    & thanks for that trash / waste vid :-)

  21. So much progress -- I hope it feels that way to you too. This is going to be one special place!


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